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Asian Studies Students

eathName: Sokho Eath
Major: Political Science

My name is Sokho Eath, and I am currently studying in Political Science. I am a first generation Cambodian-American. I am very fascinated by the history and politics of Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. I hope to one day focus more of my studies on the region.

karen glantzsk

Name: Karen Glantz-Salesky
Major: Political Science

My name is Karen Glantz-Salesky and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Political Science. I hope to one day have a job in international relations. East Asia’s growing political and economic influence around the world has captured my interest and I hope that I will be able to continue focusing my studies on this region.

aliciaName: Alicia Karen Brown
Major: History

My name is Alicia Karen Brown, studying for a degree in History. My dream since high school has been to teach, and recently in my studies of history I've come to realize how pivotal East Asia has been in the twentieth century. To be as prepared as possible for my career I feel I need to educate myself about this region. I also have a severe obsession with traditional China and Japan, which also plays into why I added Asian Studies as a minor.

kimName: Cho Rong (Jessica) Kim
Major: Political Science

I'm a "1.5" generation Korean-American and I aspire to be a diplomat one day. I have always been fascinated by the role of Confucianism in Eastern Asian politics and hope to explore the idea further. Also, Asia's rapidly growing influence in the world got me interested in studying the region, particularly China. Through Asian Studies minor program, I hope to learn more about East Asia's role in international relations and international political economy.

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