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Teaching Dr. Nancy Rosenberger

To me, teaching is a very important part of being a professor. I enjoy working with students and making them think about what they are learning in light of their own experiences. To the extent possible, I try to include participatory learning in my classes. For example, students often do debates or interviews in my classes. It is also important to me to stretch students' minds so that they enter into serious consideration of other cultures, international issues, and domestic problems.

  • Anth 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Anth 319 Peoples of the World - Japan and Korea
  • Anth 470/570 Topics: Power and Resistance
  • Anth 471/571 Class, Cash and Culture
  • Anth 473/573 Gender, Ethnicity, Culture
  • Anth 486/586 Anthropology of Food
  • Anth 488/588 Business and Asian Culture
  • Anth 489/589 Anthropology of Business
  • Anth 499/599 Culture of Food, Poverty and Hunger
  • Anth 591 Ethnographic Methods

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