Our Staff

Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM                                                                               Lab Position: Director                                                                                              
Associate Professor, Medical Anthropology
Midwife, Womankind Midwifery Care

Chair, Midwives Alliance Division of Research

Major fields of interest: biocultural anthropology, medical anthropology, applied anthropology, midwifery care, reproductive biology, interprofessional collaboration, maternal-child health, evolutionary medicine, gender and human evolution, Nutritional anthropology, United States
Office Address: Waldo Hall 272, Corvallis OR 97331
Office Phone: 541-737-3895

Courtney Everson, MA, PhD Candidate 
Lab Position: Coordinator
Doctoral Candidate, Medical Anthropology
Birth Doula Practitioner, Radiant Birth Services
Director of Research Education, Midwives Alliance Division of Research

Major fields of interest: biocultural medical anthropology, activist/engaged anthropology, maternal-child health, human childbirth, adolescent pregnancy and parenting, psychosocial stress, social support, doula care, midwifery, research ethics, human reproduction, collaborative care models, health inequities, underserved populations, breast health, evolutionary biology, gender studies, mixed methodology health research, feminist scholarship, interdisciplinary scholarship, United States
Office Address: Waldo Hall 270, Corvallis OR 97331
Office Phone: 541-737-2637

Current Graduate Students

Jamie Petts, MPH, Doctoral Student, pettsj@onid.orst.edu
Susanna Snyder, MA, Doctoral Student, snydersu@onid.orst.edu
Holly Horan, MA, Doctoral Student, horanh@onid.orst.edu
Sudy (Caroline) Storm, BA, Masters Student, stormc@onid.orst.edu
Jennifer Schindell, BSM, Masters Student, schindej@onid.orst.edu
Dawn Marie Alapisco, BS, Masters Student, alapiscd@onid.orst.edu
Elba Moise, moisee@onid.orst.edu
Arika Bridgeman-Bunyoli, bridgema@onid.orst.edu

Current Undergraduate Student Lab Interns/Volunteers

Chris McFarland

Mary Kessler
Sneha Aisola




Contact Us

Ph: 541-737-2637  or eversonc@onid.orst.edu                                                                                    www.oregonstate.edu/cla/anthropology/reproductive_lab