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Our Mission

The Reproductive Health Lab will improve the health of women and families in the United States and abroad by supporting research, public education, and advocacy aimed at identifying and implementing solutions to contemporary reproductive health issues.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a laboratory where medical anthropologists, public health professionals, clinicians, community organizations, and campus partners work together in common commitment to healthy women and families. Through creative research, education and political advocacy, we will work to improve the state of reproductive health for all. The Lab aims specifically:
To create a safe space where reproductive health discussions, idea sharing, and advocacy movements can flourish.

To apply cross-cultural and evolutionary approaches to better understand current health and disease patterns.

To educate and empower the campus community through the provision of information, resources, and peer reproductive health counseling.

To decrease inequities in access to care at home and abroad by facilitating research and political advocacy on safe, effective, holistic and affordable alternatives to high-tech, biomedical interventions.

To improve the availability of culturally competent care, in both urban and rural settings, through the development and testing of experimental care-provider training programs.

To provide state-of-the-art equipment and resources to facilitate research and projects that improve the quality and dissemination of information that allows women and their families to make informed and empowered decisions.

Our History

The Reproductive Health Lab (RHL) opened with enthusiasm and welcome doors in Fall 2008. The Lab was conceptualized and functions through a collaborative venture between OSU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, clinicians, campus partners, and community support.


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Ph: 541-737-2637  or eversonc@onid.orst.edu                                                                                    www.oregonstate.edu/cla/anthropology/reproductive_lab