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Undergraduate Program

Anthropology bridges sciences and the humanities while developing critical thinking, communication, group processes, and the ability to work independently. An anthropology degree enables you to pursue a broad range of jobs that emphasize cross-cultural awareness, international contacts and management of cultural resources; for example: education, human and governmental services, law, business, media, and medicine. A program may be selected to emphasize archaeology/physical anthropology, cultural/linguistic anthropology, or general anthropology (e-campus only). Our Anthropology Club composed of both majors and minors, plays an important role in departmental activities. Anthropology will help you succeed in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

Graduate Programs

Our M.A. degree was established as one of the first programs in applied anthropology in the early 1990s, and our Ph.D. degree became fully operational in 2006. Both programs are geared toward filling an important and growing niche: the need for anthropologists with advanced training in applied research. We currently have about 35 M.A. students and 10 Ph.D. students in the program. Our graduates go on to careers in academia or employment in a large variety of other areas, including government agencies (recent examples include the Bureau of Land Management and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); the non-profit sector (examples include global organizations such as Oxfam, and regional organizations such as the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission); tribal groups around the country, and the private sector.

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