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Research Dr. David McMurray

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Areas: Middle East, North Africa, U.S., Mediterranean World, Western Europe
  • Topics: Transnational Communities; Popular Culture; Critical Theory; Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Nationalism and Conflict; Migration; Islamic Culture; Ethnicity/Minority Populations; Historical Anthropology; Visual Anthropology

My research and teaching focus on smaller-scale and local responses to the larger-scale economic, political, cultural, and social forces forming the transnational present. I seek to illuminate the cultural impact of global mobility in all of its forms and complexities. I also concentrate on the way metropolitan cultures are reshaped by the influx of migrants and the creation of their respective diasporic cultures. Research projects to date have focused on the impact of outmigration in northern Morocco on the culture of origin; on the hybridization of French popular culture under the influences of North African immigration; and on the impact of neoliberal trade policies on indigenous agriculture in Ecuador. I also recently published a textbook about the transformations around the globe that link changes in political economy to changes in popular music and popular culture.

I teach courses on popular culture, migration, Anthropology theory and history, race and ethnicity, music, social solidarity and resistance, North Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

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