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Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is granted for attainment of a broad, advanced knowledge integrated from one major and two minor fields of study. The three fields are selected at the discretion of the student in consultation with a faculty advisor to accomplish the student's program goal.

The Department of Anthropology offers graduate work leading to a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and participates as a minor field in other advanced degree programs. Within the M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies it is possible for students to concentrate work in applied cultural anthropology, archaeology, cultural resource management, biocultural evolution, rural development, language and culture, and ethnohistory. Other individualized programs also are encouraged.

The program minimum is 45 hours. Within this minimum, 21 hours are acquired in the major field. A minimum of 9 hours is required in each minor field. For those contemplating the possibility of community college teaching 30 hours in the major is recommended. This increases the program minimum to 54 hours.

Departmental course requirements for all MAIS students are Anth 575, Theory of Culture; and Anth 595, Anthropological Research and Design. Other graduate courses recommended are Anth 535, Cultural Resources Policy and Procedures, for those concentrating in cultural resource fields and Anth 585, Uses of Anthropology, for those concentrating in fields of applications in anthropology.

MAIS students with concentrations in anthropology are strongly encouraged to complete a thesis. This involves original research supervised by a major professor and approved by a graduate committee.

To participate in the MAIS program, all University admission requirements must be satisfied on the graduate level. In addition, acceptance by departments representing the three fields is required. For admission in anthropology, a major advisor must be identified and indicate acceptance.

Required Documents for Admission

  1. OSU Application form - due Jan. 15
  2. All university transcripts should be sent to The OSU Graduate School.
  3. Three letters of reference written on letterhead (at least two should be from university professors closely associated with the student's work. One can be from a professional in the field of your career interest.)
  4. Completion and submission of GRE scores
  5. Statement of interest of no more than 1000 words as it relates to an area of concentration.
  6. TOEFL (for international students only)

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