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Macfarlan, S.J., M. Remiker, and R.J. Quinlan
         2012     Competitive Altruism Explains Labor Exchange Variation in a Dominican Village. Current Anthropology. 35(1):118-124.

Balliet, D., N.P. Li, S.J. Macfarlan, and M. Van Vugt
        In Press     Sex Differences in Cooperation: A Meta-Analytic Review of Social DilemmasPsychological Bulletin.

Lynch Alfaro, J.W., L. Mathews, A.H. Boyette, S.J. Macfarlan, K.A. Phillips, T. Falotico, and E. Ottoni, M. Verderane, P. Izar, M. Schulte, A. Melin, L. Fedigan, C. Janson, and M.E. Alfaro.
        2011  Anointing variation across wild capuchin monkey populations: a review of material preferences, bout frequency, and anointing in Cebus and Sapajus. American Journal of Primatology 73:1-16.

Macfarlan, S.J.
         2011     The Dual-Role Method and Ultimatum Game PerformanceField Methods 23(1):102-114.

Macfarlan, S.J. and C. Henrickson
         2010     Inferring Relationships Between Indigenous Baja California Sur and Seri/Comcáac Populations Through Cultural TraitsJournal of California and Great Basin Anthropology 30(1): 51-68.

Hewlett, B. and S. Macfarlan
        2010  Fathers? Roles in Hunter-Gatherer and Other Small Scale Cultures.  In. M.E. Lamb (Ed.), The Role of the Father in Child Development, 5th Ed. Pp.413-434. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons.

Macfarlan, S.J. and R. Quinlan
         2008     Kinship, Family, and Gender Effects in the Ultimatum Game. Human Nature 19:294-309.

Macfarlan, S.J. and E. Johnson
        2003     Education Collections as Museum CollectionsCurator 46(1):101-113.

Macfarlan, S.J.
       2001     A Consideration of Museum Education Collections: Theory and ApplicationCurator 44(2):166-178.

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