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Anthropology has first Ecampus majors graduating beginning Fall term 2011

Maryanne Maddoux anticipates graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, June 2012. As a returning student and full-time parent, Oregon State’s Ecampus program has made a degree in anthropology possible. The 2011 field school at Champoeg State Park combined with anthropological course work, has provided a fun and engaging learning environment. Maryanne plans to continue her education at OSU in the Applied Anthropology Master’s Program, and desires a position with the US Forest Service, BLM, or other federal or state agency to assist in preserving pre-historic and historic sites through analysis and adequate storage of artifacts in appropriate repositories.

Kimberly HarrisonKimberlee Harrison has been in love with anthropology since she took her first anthro class in community college. She was an English major, but changed her major to anthropology. "The study of man (past, present, and future) is fascinating to me. At first, I wanted to go into forensic anthropology, then decided on cultural anthropology. Now, however, I've turned back to forensic anthropology. I love it so much, and know that it's my way of giving back to the community. If I can help even a few people find justice (whether it's helping the family of a victim find closure or helping exonerate someone who has been falsely accused), then it's worth it," says Harrison. She plans on going to graduate school at Portland State University for her Master's and to the University of Tennessee for her PhD.

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