Ainslie, Jessica - MA  (BA Oregon State University) Geo-archaeology on the Oregon Coast, the peopling of the New World.

Asinjo, Robert - MA Food Systems and Sustainable Development.

Banks, Rhea T. - MA (BS Oregon State University) Health disparities, nutritional health, globalization, food commoditization and related topics.

Bulder, Nicholas - MA (BS Oregon State University) Paleoethnobotany.

Thesis Topic: Reconstruct the plant resources available to early Native Americans from the Late Pliestocene through the holocene on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Bustamante, Stephanie L. - MA (BA Sociocultural Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara) Anthropology of Childhood; Anthropology of Education. Contemporary childhoods and alternative schooling in the Pacific NW.

Caplan, Shannon - PhD (MA Northern Arizona University 2010, BA Sonoma State University 2007) Applied cultural anthropology, environmental anthropology, interdisciplinary collaboration, policy development and advocacy, economic anthropology, planning and development, food systems, fishing, rural-suburban-urban interplay, United States.

Chun, Bohkyung- PhD (MA EWHA Womans University 2010, BA EWHA Womans University 2006 [South Korea]) Applied cultural anthropology, marketing anthropology, gender and ethnicity, food consumption and restaurant business culture, migration and globalization, neoliberalism, South Korea and Japan.

Cogurik, Vesna - MA (BA Oregon State University) - Cultural Anthropology.

Thesis Topic: SNAP & Students

D'Alessandro, Erica - MA Local food movements, organic agriculture, agrarian subsistence, Russia, collective farming, food disparities.

Personal website:

Daye, Rebecka R. - PhD (BA Southern Oregon University 2006; MA Oregon State University 2011) Applied cultural anthropology, Latin America, global/local agrifood systems, food sovereignty, social ecology, sustainability, identity studies, sociolinguistics.

Thesis Topic: Alternative Agrifood Movements in an Age of Industrialized Agriculture: An Ecuadorian Case Study.

Eichelberger, Justin E. - PhD (MA Oregon State University 2010) Historical archaeology, U.S. military, 19th century, material culture studies.

Thesis Topic: Status and Authority Among Commissioned Officers in the 19th Century U.S. Army.

Everson, Courtney L. - PhD (MA Oregon State University 2008, BA Western Washington University 2004) Biocultural medical anthropology, applied anthropology, maternal-child health, adolescent pregnancy and parenting, doula care and alternative birthing practices, midwifery care, human reproduction, health disparities, breast health, evolutionary biology, gender studies, mixed methodology health research, feminist scholarship, nutritional anthropology.

Thesis Topic: Biocultural Perspectives on Adolescent Pregnancy and Reproductive Behaviors: Social Support, Doula Care, and Negotiated Identities

Finneran, Kathleen (Kate) - MA Cultural Anthropology, Ecological Anthropology.

French, Jamie. - MA (BA Oregon State University) Historical archaeology, Fort Yamhill officers houses, Geology, GIS.

Thesis Topic: Ethnic Studies in Chinese Occupations in the Dalles Chinatown.

Giulietti, Michael - MA (BA University of North Texas) Applied cultural anthropology, Material culture (Human-object relations), global effects on local populations, & Medical Anthropology.

Thesis topic: The occupational community of shoe repair (America).

Green, Amanda S. - PhD (MSS University of Chicago 2008, BA Davidson College 2005) Food and culture in social justice, circumpolar foodways and livlihoods, inddigneous political activism, Sami people.

Topic Thesis: Food, Identity and Politics. Contemporary Sami food culture and food activism.

Hammer, Michaela- MA Cultural, Food and farming, Oregon and Equador.

Hescock, Sara A. - MA (BS Oregon State University 2006) Applies Anthropology, soil science, cultural resource management, GIS, ethno-biology, archaeology, alluvial systems, site processes, Oregon prehistory and geo-archaeology.

Thesis Topic: Geoarchaeology of the Upper Klamath River Canyon

Hill, Cayla - MA (BA Oregon State University 2012) Applied Anthropology, Geography, Historic Archeology.

Holcomb, Justin - MA (BA Texas A&M University 2011) Geoarchaeology, Peopling of the Americas, geoecology, behavioral ecology, XRF analysis, soil micromorphology; Pacific Coast, Columbia Plateau.

Thesis Topic: Geoarchaeology of the Cooper's Ferry Locality, western Idaho

Jimenez, Alejandra P.  - MA (BA Humboldt State University) Pre-Historic sites along the coast for early peoples occupation, coastal and underwater archaeology.

Kirkpatrick, Molly - MA (BS University of Oregon 2013) Geoarchaeology, Peopling of the Americas, soil micromorphology; Columbia Plateau and the Great Basin.

Thesis Topic: A Micromorphological Approach: Archaeological Features from the Cooper's Ferry Site, western Idaho. 

Klotz, Jamie - MA  (BA Oregon State University) Lithic Technology of Cooper's Ferry, Idaho, the peopling of the New World.

Kubein, Adele - PhD (MA Oregon State University, BA Oregon State University 2005)  Local economies, Chinese social life, rural and urban community organization.

Kinoglu, Sera - MA (BA Concordia College 2007) Cultural anthropology, food systems and movements, heritage and identity, globalization, Turkey

Thesis Topic: Neo-Ottoman Perspectives: Culinary Culture and Turkish Identity

Lancaster, JD - MA (BS University of Oregon 2012) Geoarchaeology, Peopling of the Americas, archaeology of the Southern Columbia Plateau & Northern Great Basin.

Li, Xiaoyue- PhD Environmental Anthropology, Southwest China, Yi people.

Maddoux, Maryanne -MA (BS Oregon State University 2012) Applied Anthropology, Historic Archaeology.

Marshall, Lindsay - PhD (MA Oregon State University, BS James Madison University 2007) Applied anthropology, bio-cultural medical anthropology, breastfeeding, maternal-infant health, reproductive health, birth center and midwifery care, evolutionary medicine, nutritional anthropology, practitioner-client relationships, U.S., Caribbean.

Modelski, Emily - MA (BS University of Oregon 2012) Applied Anthropology, Historic Archaeology, Early settlement of the North West.

Nation, Humberto E. -  PhD (MS Environmental Hydrogeology and Geochemistry; B.S. Chemistry California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)) Archaeometry, Maya cave archaeology, Mesoamerica, Cultural material sourcing, fertile crescent civilizations (Sumeria, Persia), instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA).


Oliveira, Kristine - MA Applied Anthropology; Business Administration.

Thesis Topic: California community college; culture, pedagogy, shared overnance, and financial practice.

Petts, Jamie - PhD (MPH Oregon State University 2009, BA University of Iowa 2006) Applied medical anthropology, nutritional anthropology, transnational adoption, migration, ethnographies of children and youth, family studies, kinship, food insecurity and hunger, Ethiopia and the United States

Thesis Topic: Parents' and Childrens' Voices in International Adoption

Saban, Chantel V. - MA (BA University of Oregon 2010) Archaeobotany, starch and macrobotanical analysis and identification, Pleistocene subsistence strategies, grindstone stardh residue analysis.

Thesis Topic: Grindstone Starch Recovery and Species Identification, Starch Image Reference Database.

Schindell, Jennifer R. - RN BSN Death Investigation, Instant Death Investigation.

Thesis Topic: Oregon Infant Death Investigation Practices.

Snyder, Susanna C. - PhD (MA University of Colorado Denver, 2011; BA Florida State University, 2006) Medical anthropology, adoption, motherhood, social support, doulas, childbirth, homebirth, midwifery model of care, intersectionality, feminist theory, critical race theory, health equity and social justice; 

Thesis Topic: Birthing Voices of Loss and Love: Exploring the Embodiment Process of Birthmothers and the Potential Benefits of Doula Support

Spiese, Caroline - MA Cultural Anthropology. Europe, migration, regionalism.

Thesis Topic:  Perceptions of Italian Identity: The role of regionalism and politics in Italians' self-construction of identity.

Storm, Caroline 'Sudy' - MA  (BS Southern Oregon University 2011) Medical Anthropology, International Public Health.

Thesis Topic: Emic Perspectives on Maternal-Child Health: Bridging the Divide Between Biomedical Models of Maternity Care and Traditional Belief Systems in Remote Sierra Leonean Villages.

Sutton, Juliet - MA (BA University of Oklahoma 2013) Applied anthropology. Food, culture, and nutrition.

Walker, Sarah T. - M.A. Archaeometry, GIS, and Mesoamerican Archaeology- Zapotec state formation and decline,  trade and Mesoamerican culture

Thesis - Sacerdote Anciano: Figurines as Religious  legitimization of Power in the Late Classic Oaxaca.

Wheaton-Abraham, Jyl M. - MA (BA University of Alaska-Anchorage 1999) Historic archaeology in northern Idaho, the evidence of first peoples in the Americas, researching and recording the history, language, culture, and archaeology of my tribe, the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, sharing experiences as an anthropologist and archaeologist with Native American students.