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Anthropology Northwest Series

Anthropology Northwest is an occasional paper series published by the Oregon State University Department of Anthropology. The series highlights the variety of research activities undertaken by anthropologists at Oregon State University.

To order a copy of our Northwest Series please call 541-737-4515 or email The Anthropology Dept. Unfortunately, some of these items are out of print without intention of reprint.

Series Editor David R. Brauner, Ph.D.

No. 1 Willamette Mission Archaeological Project: Phase III Assessment, by Judith A. Sanders, Mary K. Weber, David R. Brauner. 1983.
No. 2 Archaeological Investigations at the Ripple Site (35CL55) in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Clackamas County, Oregon, by Clayton G. Lebow 1985 $12.00
No. 3 Champoeg: A Frontier Community in Oregon, 1830-1861, by Lou Ann Speulda 1988. $14.00
No. 4 Red Light Ladies: Settlement Patterns and Material Culture on the Mining Frontier, by Alexy Simmons. 1989. (Jacksonville, Oregon; Silver City, Idaho; Virginia City, Nevada; Helena, Montana; Cripple Creek, Colorado) $15.00
No. 5 The Mazama Tephra-Falls: Volcanic Hazards and Prehistoric Populations by Stephan E. Matz. 1991. $12.00
No. 6 The Indians of Southwestern Oregon: An Ethnohistorical Review, by Jeff LaLande.1991. $12.00
No. 7 Planning for Tourists: Contributions of Museums. Museums and Tourism on the Oregon Coast, by Marilen A. Pool. Visitor Behavior at the Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center Aquarium, by Susan Gaughan Tissot. 1992. $14.00
No. 8 French Prairie Ceramics: The Harriet D. Munnick Archaeological Collection Circa 1820-1840: A Catalog and Northwest Comparative Guide, by Judith Sanders Chapman. 1993. $27.00
No. 9 Illuweet (Teasing Cousin) Songs as an Expression of King Island Inupiaq Identity, by Deanna M. Kingston. 1996. $10.00
No. 10 Hull-Oakes Lumber Company's Steam-Powered Sawmill: A Case Study in Industrial Archaeology, by George B. Wisner. 1998.
No. 11 Origin of the Tucannon Phase in Lower Snake River Prehistory, by Steven W. Lucas. 2000. $12.00
No. 12 Life in Railroad Logging Camps of the Shevlin-Hixon Company, 1916-1950, by Ronald L. Gregory. 2001. $15.00
No. 13 This Is Reality and It's Not Bonanza: Voices from the Restless West, by Jennifer Gilden, Geoffrey Habron, Jennifer Leaver, Amanda McKeraghan, David Primozich, Judith A. Steward. Edited by Courtland L. Smith. 2002. $20.00
No. 14 Historic Farm Structures as Material Culture: An Oregon Study, by Barbara C. Judge. 2004. $15.00
No. 15 One Methodology for the incorporation of Entomological Material in the Discipline of Historic Archaeology Using the Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera L.) as a Test Subject, by Brenda Kellar. 2004.


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