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jazmine_reading_in_hallDavid M. Robinson, Director

American Studies majors may earn the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree at Oregon State University through a combination of work in courses that focus on United States history, culture, institutions and values. These courses must be selected from at least three academic departments in the College of Liberal Arts.

Here are some representative examples of American Studies majors that a prospective student might create:
1. Course work in History of the United States from the Department of History, combined with course work in American literature from the Department of English, and in American politics from the Department of Political Science.

2. Course work in American society from the Department of Sociology, combined with courses in Native American culture from the Department of Ethnic Studies, and in Native American Art from the Department of Art.

3. Course work designed for pre-law studies, which combines the sequence in American Constitutional Law (Political Science), with the sequence in American Thought and Culture (History), and Law in Philosophical Perspective (Philosophy).

In other words, the American Studies Program allows each student to construct an interdisciplinary major from several fields, rather than fulfill all the requirements for a major in a single academic department.

The Director of the American Studies Program advises students on course selection, and approves the courses that constitute an academic major. American Studies is a small program that offers freedom to plan a unique course of study, but which requires planning and initiative from each major.

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