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2012-13 CLA Faculty Council & Committees

The College of Liberal Arts reflects the shared governance structure in place at Oregon State University.  Faculty members provide direction and consultation to the College’s Dean through elected membership on College committees.  Below is a listing of the membership of these important committees for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Faculty Council
Peter Betjemann, English ’13 (President)
Bryan Tilt, Anthropology, ’14 (President-Elect)
John Edwards, Psychology, ‘14
Sebastian Heiduschke, Foreign Languages and Literatures, ‘14
Hua-Yu Li, Political Science, ‘14
Mehra Shirazi, Women Studies, ‘14
Curriculum Committee Chair
Budget Committee Chair
Personnel Committee Chair

Curriculum Committee
Vicki Tolar Burton, English (’14)
Fina Carpena-Méndez, Anthropology (’13)
Janet Lee, Women Studies (’13)
Kevin Patton, Music (’14)
Kara Ritzheimer, History (’14)
Juan Trujillo, Foreign Languages and Literatures (’14)

Budget Committee
David Bernell, Political Science (’14)
Neil Davison, English (’13)
Jacob Hamblin, History (’13)
Flo Leibowitz (’13)
Victor Tremblay, Economics (’13)
Tara Williams, English (’14)

Personnel Committee
Courtney Campbell, Philosophy (’14)
Mina Carson, History (’13)
Charlotte Headrick, Theatre (’13)
Sarah Henderson, Political Science (’13)
Rachelle McCabe, Music (’14)
Dwaine Plaza, Sociology (’14)

Student Review and Appeals Committee
Meghan Freeman, English (’14)
Kryn Freehling-Burton, Women Studies (’13)
Michelle Inderbitzin, Sociology (’14)
Stacey Smith, History (’13)

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