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Sea Pay


Sea pay is compensated at $70/day and does not include days in port.

A hardcopy mid-month timesheet must be completed to process payment for Payroll.

Forms may be requested from  Melody Pfister .



CIMRS Sea Pay Agreement

Effective October 1, 2006, the Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies will adopt the following policy on eligibility for sea pay. The policy applies to CIMRS employees going to sea on any vessel.

The following employees are eligible for sea pay: Research Associates, Sr. Faculty Research Assistants, Faculty Research Assistants, and temporary Research Assistants.

Graduate Research Assistants and student workers are not eligible for sea pay.

Sea pay is paid on a per day basis for those days that involve more than 12 continuous hours at sea. The day begins at midnight.

For the purposes of sea pay, sea is defined as the oceans of the world plus navigable waters connected to the ocean; it may include rivers or estuaries.

Sea pay is $70 per day. 

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