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Wordle of West Coast Fisheries publication titles.  The size of the word is proportional to the frequency it is used in published titles.

*CIMRS authors.

FY 2014

Auth*, T.D., and Brodeur, R.D. (2013). An overview of ichthyoplankton research in the northern California Current region: Contributions to ecosystem assessments and management. CalCOFI Reports, 54: 107-126    

Brodeur, RD., Barceló*, C., Robinson, KJ., Daly*, E., Ruzicka*, JJ. (In progress). Seasonal and interanual variability in the spatial overlap between forage fishes and large medusae in the northern California Current region. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Special Issue.

Copeman*, L.A., Laurel, B.J., & Parrish, C.C. (Accepted pending revisions). Effect of temperature and tissue type on fatty acid signatures of two species! of North Pacific juvenile gadids: a laboratory feeding studyJournal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.

Daly*, E.A., Scheurer, J.A., Brodeur, R.D., Weitkamp, L.A., Beckman, B.R. and J.A. Miller. (2014). Juvenile steelhead distribution, migration, growth, and feeding in the Columbia River estuary, plume and coastal waters. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science, 6:62-80

Du*, X. and Peterson, W.T. (2014) Seasonal cycle of phytoplankton community composition in the coastal upwelling! system off central Oregon in 2009.  Estuaries and Coasts, 37: 299-311.  

Feinberg*, L.R., C. T. Shaw*, W. T. Peterson, M. Décima, Y. Okazaki, and S.-J. Ju. (2013) Euphausia pacifica brood sizes: a North Pacific synthesisJ. Plankt. Res. 0(0): 1-15.   doi:10.1093/plankt/fbt064     

Fisher*, J.P., Weitkamp, L.A., Teel, D.J., Hinton, S.A., Orsi, J.A., Farley Jr, E.V., Morris, J.F.T., Thiess, M.E., Sweeting, R.M., & Trudel, M. (2014). Early ocean dispersal patterns of Columbia River Chinook and Coho salmonTransactions of the American Fisheries Society, 143(1): 252-272.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00028487.2013.847862

Guy, T.J., Jennings, S.L., Suryan*, R.M., Melvin, E.F., Bellman, M.A., Balance, L.T., Blackie, B.A., Croll, D.A., Deguchi, T., Geernaert, T.O., Henry, R.W., Hester, M., Hyrenbach, K.D., Jahncke, J., Kappes, M.A., Ozaki, K., Roletto, J., Sato, F., Sydeman, W.J., Zamon, J.E. 2013. Overlap of North Pacific albatrosses with the US west coast groundfish and shrimp fisheries. Fisheries Research, 147: 222-234. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.fishres.2013.06.009  

Laurel, BJ, Danley*, C, Haines S. (in review) The effects of temperature on growth, development and settlement of northern rock sole larvae (Lepidopsetta polyxystra).  Fisheries Oceanography.

Ruzicka*, J.J., Steele, J.H., Ballerini, T., Gaichas, S.K., Ainley, D.G. (2013) Dividing up the pie: Whales, fish, and humans as competitors. Progress in Oceanography 116: 207-219.             

Satterthwaite W.H., Mohr, M.S., O’Farrell, M.R., Anderson, E.C., Banks*, M.A., Bates, S.J., Bellinger, M.R, Borgerson, L.A., Crandall, E.D., Garza, J.C., Kormos, B.J., Lawson, P.W., Palmer-Zwahlen, M.L.  (In revision).  Use of genetic stock identification data for comparison of the apparent ocean spatial distribution, size-at-age, and fishery exposure of an untagged stock and its indicator: California Coastal versus Klamath River ChinookTransactions of the American Fisheries Society.

Shaw*, C.T., Peterson, W.T. and Sun, S. (Eds.) 2013. Report of Working Group 23 on Comparative Ecology of Krill in Coastal and Oceanic Waters around the Pacific Rim. PICES Sci. Rep. No. 43, 100 pp.

Wells, B.,  Schroeder, I., Santora, J., Hazen, E., Bograd, S., Bjorkstedt, E., Loeb, V., McClatchie, S., Weber E., Watson, W., Thompson, A., Peterson, W., Brodeur, R., Harding, J., Field, J., Sakuma, K., Hays, S., Sydeman, W., Losekoot, M., Thompson, SA., Largier, J., Kim, SY., Chavez, F., Barceló*, C., Warzybok, P., Bradley, R., Jahncke, Goericke, R., Campbell, GS., Hildebrand, JA., Melin, SR, DeLong, RL., Gomez-Valdes, J., Lavaniegos, B., Gaxiola-Castro, G., Golightly, RT., Schneider, SR., Lo, N., Suryan, R., Gladics, A., Horton, C., Fisher*, J., Morgan*, C., Peterson*, J., Daly*, EA., Auth*, T., Abell, J. (2013). State of the California Current 2012-2013: No Such Thing as an “Average Year”. CALCOFI Report, 54: 37-71.                   

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