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Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher

Faculty Research Assistant

West Coast Fisheries 

Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
(541) 867-0349

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  • M.S. Marine Ecology (2005)
    Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
    San Jose State University 
  • B.S. Marine Biology/Zoology (1996)
    Humboldt State University 


Research Interests 

I am broadly interested in the physical processes that regulate coastal zooplankton! and meroplankton communities. My current research involves studying the interactions between local and basin-scale physical drivers of copepod communities and how those same processes affect the larval dispersal and population! connectivity of benthic crustaceans (e.g. crabs).


Selected Publications 

JL Fisher, WT Peterson, SG Morgan (2014) Does larval advection explain latitudinal differences in recruitment across upwelling! regimes? Marine Ecology Progress Series 503:123-137

Morgan SG, JL Fisher, ST McAfee, JL Largier, SH Miller, MM Sheridan, JE Neigel (2014) Transport of crustacean larvae between a low-inflow estuary and coastal waters. Estuaries and Coasts 36(6)

Bi H, WT Peterson, JO Peterson, and JL Fisher (2012) A comparative analysis of coastal and shelf-slope copepod communities in the northern California Current system: Synchronized response to large scale forcing? Limnology and Oceanography 57: 1467-1478

Morgan SG, JL Fisher, ST McAfee, JL Largier, CM Halle (2012) Limited recruitment during relaxation events: Larval advection and behavior in an upwelling system. Limnology and Oceanography 57(2) 457-470

Morgan SG, JL Fisher, JL Largier (2011) Laval retention, entrainment, and accumulation in the lee of a small headland: Recruitment hotspots along windy coasts. Limnology and Oceanography 56(1) 161-178

Morgan SG and JL Fisher (2010) Larval behavior regulates nearshore retention and offshore migration in an upwelling shadow and along the open coast. Marine Ecology Progress Series 404:109-126

Morgan SG, JL Fisher, SH Miller, ST McAfee, JL Largier (2009) Nearshore larval retention in a region of strong upwelling and recruitment limitation. Ecology 90:3489-3502

Morgan SG, JL Fisher, AJ Mace (2009) Larval recruitment in a region of strong, persistent upwelling and recruitment limitation. Marine Ecology Progress Series 394:79-99

Morgan SG, JL Fisher, AJ Mace, L Akins, AM Slaughter, SM Bollens (2009) Cross-shelf distributions and recruitment of crab postlarvae in a region of strong upwelling. Marine Ecology Progress Series 380:173-185

Porter SS, GL Eckert, CJ Byron, JL Fisher (2008) Comparison of light traps and plankton tows for sampling brachyuran larvae in an Alaskan fjord. Journal of Crustacean Biology 28:175-179

Fisher JL (2006) Seasonal timing and duration of brachyuran larvae in a high-latitude fjord. Marine Ecology Progress Series 323:213-222

Roughan M, AJ Mace, JL Largier, SG Morgan, JL Fisher, M Carter (2005) Density driven headland retention in a strong upwelling system: Implications for larval transport. Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (C10): Art. No. C10027

Fisher JL Dynamics of brachyuran larvae in Glacier Bay, Alaska (2005) MS Thesis, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Jose State University, Moss Landing, CA. 98 p

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Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
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