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Leigh Evans 

Leigh Evans

Faculty Research Assistant

Seafloor Processes

Hydrothermal Emissions

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  • M.S. Chemistry
    San Diego State University 

  • B.S. Chemistry
    Lafayette College 


Research Interests 

Chemical analysis of the two stable isotopes of helium tell us such things as the direction of a deep ocean currents and the degree of magmatic input to a hydrothermal vent system. The Helium Isotope Lab uses dedicated mass spectrometry and high vacuum equipment to accomplish this. Other capabilities of the lab include painstaking analysis of neon isotopes, 20, 21 and 22, the design of new equipment for sampling hydrothermal fluids, staking out MTBF's and data equivocation.

That’s just what I'm doing now. Among the things I did before are chromatographic support for the development of a process to manufacture polycrystalline silicon via bromosilanes and the development of specialty chemical analysis instruments for an Air Force and NASA contractor including Gas Chromatographs, Mass Spectrometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers and varietal sensors.



Stoffers, P; Worthington, T; Schwartz-Schampera, U; Hannington, M, Massoth, G; Hekinian, R; Schmidt, M; Lundsten, L; Evans, L; Vaiomo'unga, R; Kerby, T. Submarine volcanoes and high- temperature hydrothermal venting on the Tonga arc, southwest Pacific. Geology. June 2006; 34(6); 453 - 456.

Lupton, J; Butterfield, D; Lilley, M, Evans, L; Embley, R, Olson, E; Proskurowski, G; Chadwick, W; Resing, J; Baker, E; de Ronde, C; Nakamura, K, Roe, K; Greene, R; Lebon, G. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Venting at the Champagne Hydrothermal Site, NW Eifuku Volcano, Mariana Arc. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 2006; (in press) doi:10.1029/2005001152

Lupton, John E.; Pyle, Douglas G.; Jenkins, W. J. ; Greene, Ronald R., and Evans, Leigh. Evidence for an extensive hydrothermal plume in the Tonga-Fiji Region of the South Pacific. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 2004; 5(Jan 17 ):Q01003.

Lupton, John E. and Evans, Leigh. The atmospheric helium isotope ratio: is it changing? Geophysical Research Letters. 2004; 31(13):L13101..



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