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ATTENTION: If you fill-out the enclosed form in your packet, please send the form to: CFD 2015 / 100 LaSells Stewart Center through campus mail.


What is the CFD?

The Charitable Fund Drive (CFD) is an annual, combined charitable giving campaign tailored to meet the needs and wishes of employees of the State of Oregon. This campaign helps State employees create the future each of you want to see become reality in Oregon. Whether you want to help alleviate hunger, preserve the Columbia River Gorge, eliminate discrimination, prevent child abuse, cure deadly diseases, accomplish almost any goal you can imagine - there is a nonprofit working to see these ideas become reality.

You can support any of hundreds of nonprofit groups or issues through the CFD by making just one charitable gift. Oregon´s CFD was implemented in 1989 as a way to offer access to this wide range of charities through an easy, once-a-year campaign that gives state employees precise control over where their contributions are spent. Last year, state employees contributed over $863,363 to the CFD.  back to top

How can I give?

One of the benefits of the Charitable Fund Drive is the ease with which you can handle all of your charitable giving in one step.

Do you want to make your donation with cash or a check? The CFD gladly accepts cash or checks. Is it easiest for you to give with a credit card? The CFD can charge your gift to most major credit cards.

Or is it easier for you to have your contribution deducted from your paychecks? Many employees find the CFD´s payroll contribution method easiest and most satisfying, because a small amount taken out of each check adds up to a substantial gift over the course of a year.

Planning on retiring soon? You can have a monthly gift sent automatically from your checking account through Electronic Funds Transfer. Whatever method you choose, the CFD is designed to make your giving easy.

Please go to - and follow instructions listed at the end of document on how to log-in and make your contribution(s).    back to top 

Where does your contribution go?

When you contribute to the Charitable Fund Drive, all of your contribution goes to the organizations you designate. Last year's CFD fundraising costs were only 9.2 percent, less than half of many other states' campaigns. These costs are paid by the funds and federations in the campaign; no state funds are used. The CFD Committee members realize that keeping fundraising expenses low is extremely important to the success of the CFD. The CFD Committee and the Campaign Management

Organization works hard to keep costs down so that your contributions have the greatest impact possible.   back to top

Why should I give my charitable contribution through CFD?

There are sound reasons for giving through CFD:

  • Charities prefer to process a single check from CFD, rather than numerous checks from individual contributors. This method keeps their administrative costs low.
  • Charities know early in the year roughly what their revenue from CFD pledges will be, and they can plan their programs accordingly. Systematic planning is not possible with sporadic individual contributions. Charities appreciate that CFD’s low overhead costs (9.2% in 2007) increase revenue for their programs. Donations given through CFD are a bargain for the participating charities.
  • Payroll deduction is a painless way to give—you won’t miss money you never see. And most of us can give a substantial annual gift when making a small gift every month.
  • Your gift through CFD has a greater impact, because it is combined with contributions from other State employees.
  • You are part of a generous State community as a CFD donor.
  • You will receive personal recognition from the CFD.
  • You may elect to remain anonymous by checking the box under the line for name and address. You will receive a letter from the Campaign Management Organization acknowledging your gifts for tax purposes.   back to top

How can I be sure that my money goes only to the agencies I want?

When you DESIGNATE YOUR GIFT your contribution will go to the agency or agencies you designated. If you wish to receive acknowledgement from your designated charities, be sure to leave the box unchecked in the acknowledgement section on your pledge card. Your name and home address will then be forwarded to the charities you have designated with their first pledge payment next spring. They will write to you and acknowledge your gift.   back to top

What if I don't want to designate?

Use the 5000 code and your gift will be split equally among the statewide federations and the local United Way or United Fund in your area.   back to top

Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes, if you itemize your deductions when you complete your annual tax return.   back to top

What do I need to keep as proof of my contribution for tax purposes?

New regulations require that you keep your paystub, a copy of your pledge form, and acknowledgement letters from the organizations you contributed to. The Campaign Management will send you a letter acknowledging your gift. Please provide us with your email address, this will facilitate our acknowledgement in a cost effective manner.   back to top

What is the CFD's administrative cost?

In 2014, CFD’s costs were $79,797 or 9.2% of the total dollars raised in the 2014 campaign. The CFD Committee reviews and approves the proposed budget for the campaign each year. Administrative costs cover travel expenses; personnel costs; materials printing; donor, campaign leader, and agency recognition items; a CPA audit; and other authorized campaign expenses.   back to top

What is the relationship between CFD and the Campaign Management Organization?

CFD needs a professional organization to plan, promote and carry out its goals. CFD regulations require that every local campaign be managed by a not-for-profit agency. Earth Share of Oregon and the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon was chosen by the CFD Committee to manage the campaign in 2005. The CMO team members all do their part to make sure the CFD is properly planned and managed. The CMO is not paid a fee to run the campaign, but is reimbursed for approved CFD expenditures through the annual budget. Earth Share of Oregon and Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon also apply independently to participate in the campaign and are eligible to receive donations.   back to top

Why is one charity listed in the CFD Brochure when another is not?

All charities included in this year’s campaign applied through their federation or fund in March to the State CFD Committee. Decisions about eligibility are based on compliance with Oregon Administrative Rule
125-030. If your favorite agency is not listed in the brochure, it may not belong to a federation or fund. Call the Campaign Management Organization Team Leader, Deb Furry, at 503-636-4058 for a specific answer.   back to top

Why should I support a campaign, which includes agencies I don't like?

CFD includes more than 850 organizations this year. Many of these organizations listed in the brochure probably do something that is important to you. Conversely, there are probably some that don’t mirror your values exactly.

CFD is a donor-choice campaign; each donor decides where his or her money goes. Even if you do not approve of all the participating charities, the organizations you choose will benefit from your support and the low fundraising costs of the CFD.    back to top

Why donate when I don't use services from any of the listed charities?

You most likely have had contact with at least one charity that receives CFD donations. From swimming lessons at the YMCA, to Red Cross CPR instruction almost all of us have been touched by various worthy organizations. Your co-worker or family members may have received job training or literacy skills from a CFD charity.

Many advances in medicine are due, in great part, to charitable donations for research and direct service. Greenspaces we visit are often maintained by nonprofit groups.

Even if we have no direct involvement with a CFD agency, each of us benefits from living in a community that provides so many services for all who want or need them. Everyone’s quality of life is enhanced by voluntary organizations.

Charitable organizations fill the gaps between our economic system and the limitations of government. If it were not for charities, our taxes would be much higher and community needs much greater. Support the charity of your choice through the Charitable Fund Drive and then ask others for their support!   back to top