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Oregon State University

Welcome to the 2014 OSU Charitable Fund Drive

 Campaign dates – October 27, 2014 – January 31, 2015


ATTENTION: If you fill-out the enclosed form in your packet, please send the form to: CFD 2014 / 100 LaSells Stewart Center through campus mail.

A Letter from President Ray & Vice President Glenn Ford

October 27, 2014

Dear OSU Colleague:

We are writing to alert you that the 2014 Oregon Charitable Fund Drive at Oregon State University has begun. Each year we have responded generously to crises at home and abroad and have extended helping hands to those affected. The Charitable Fund Drive is the one campus-wide effort that enables you to easily contribute to non-profit groups locally and throughout Oregon to help a wide range of needs in the communities where we live.

The 2014 Charitable Fund Drive at OSU runs from October 27, 2014 to January 31, 2015. You can consolidate all of your normal charitable donations into an easy monthly payroll deduction, and still give directly to the organizations of your choice. We ask you to give whatever you can this year to provide a helping hand to our fellow community members in need. In 2012, 205 OSU employees participated and we raised $102,327. If each of the over 4,500 employees at OSU donated just $5 per month, we could more than double the amount contributions from $102,327 to over $270,000!

The campaign is designed to allow EVERY state employee to be a philanthropist – you get to decide how much you give and where it goes. You can also see how your dollars are working in the community by allowing your charities to connect with you. State of Oregon employees collectively have given more than $23 million since the campaign began 23 years ago. This year’s goal is to raise $1 million – last year, state employees raised slightly more than $818,500 – and increase the number of donors by 5% over last year!

The participating umbrella groups represent more than 850 individual charities. This year your overall choices are:
• Your local United Way – focuses locally to address important human needs
• Black United Fund – helps to stimulate success in low income communities
• Children’s Trust Fund - works to prevent child abuse and neglect
• Community Health Charities – supports research, education & helps people living with disease
• Earth Share – protects our natural heritage & human health
• Equity Foundation – promotes the dignity and worth of all people
• Habitat for Humanity – allows low-income families to purchase affordable homes
• Local Independent Charities – helps wide range of nonprofits, from guide dogs for the blind to
breast cancer research
• Work For Art – supports the arts and arts education
• McKenzie River Gathering Foundation – supports grassroots social justice organizations around the state
• Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault – supporting resources and services across the state.

The charities involved in the Charitable Fund Drive are committed to promoting healthy families, clean air and water, community vitality and opportunities for self-help and self-sufficiency. Please join us in helping others by supporting the services and activities that are important to you. By contributing to this effort, we will enhance the lives of those who live in our community in a multitude of significant ways.

Please go to the OSU Charitable Fund Drive website at to view more information about the numerous charities, track the progress of our contributions, and make your pledge today.

Edward J. Ray

Glenn Ford
Vice President for Finance & Administration
2014 CFD Campaign Chair