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The Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life is a great resource for information about the history and tradition of the Greek community and how to become an active and successful member of the fraternitity and sorority community at OSU.

Greek Chapters

The OSU Greek community has 23 fraternities 21 sororities. There are 4 fraternities and 8 sororities without Greek houses at OSU. In total, more than 2,800 students within 44 fraternities and sororities (and growing) are in our community.


Recruitment information varies by council and by fraternity or sorority chapter. See the link directly below for general information regarding recruitment.

Risk Management

Guidelines and forms related to alcohol policies, fire safety, fire drills, crown control plans, and Police Liason Officers can be found on the Risk Management page.


Scholarships are available for students to apply, and are listed on the scholarships page.

Greek calendar

This Greek calendar is continually updated with important dates for Greeks as well as the OSU community as a whole. If you have an event planned for a certain date, this is the place to inform the community. To create a new calendar event, please follow these steps to ensure it shows up on the calendar.

  • Step 2. Ensure that you've changed the contact information (name, email, phone) to the name of your President or event coordinator. You can choose your contact department as the name of your group.
  • Step 3. Be sure to choose the "Office of Greek Life" calendar at the bottom under "Additional calendar" and it will show up on the Greek Life/CFSL calendar.

Everything Greek

Are you interested in learning the Greek alphabet and other terms widely used within the Greek community?

Services provided by the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life

The CFSL provides a wealth of support for the Greek community in a wide range of areas: academic development, event planning, community-building, leadership, philanthropy, communications, advising, crisis management, and more. Wel also maintain a library of videos and publications on a wide range of subjects, including leadership, community-building, diversity issues, the rush process, OSU matriculation ceremonies, hazing, substance abuse, and sexual assault. National directories and publications related to the Greek system policy and laws are also available.

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