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Sigma Pi

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Interfraternity Council (IFC)

To establish a brotherhood.
To establish and maintain an aristocracy of learning.
To raise the standards of morality and develop character.
To diffuse culture and encourage chivalry.
To promote the spirit of civic righteousness and quicken the national conscience.


410 NW 25th Street, Corvallis OR, 97330


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(541) 757-6262
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We are a fraternity of gentlemen and the ideals of Sigma Pi are shaping each of us into the next generation of leaders. Sigma Pi men come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures and are bonded together by the brotherhood that is Sigma Pi Fraternity.

Famous Alumni: 

~Tony Romo - Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.
~Tracy Lawrence - Country Music Star.
~Tom Green - Actor/Comedian
~Frank Broyles - Georgia Tech QB, Sports Broadcaster, Coach, College Football Hall of Fame Inductee.
~Chauncy Guy Suits - Co-Founder of the National Academy of Engineering. Headed the division responsible for Radio and Radar countermeasures.
~William Mensch - CEO of Western Design Center, Inc. inventor of the microprocessor for the Apple MacIntosh II.
~Walter Marty Schirra Jr. - Only man to fly in all 3 of USA's first space programs. 5th American in Space. 1st person in space 3 times. Commander of Apollo 7.
~Mike Beebe - Attorney General and Governer of Arkansas.
~Bobby Burgess - One of the original Disney Mouseketeers.
~Herman G. Fisher - Founder, Fisher-Price Toys.
~H. Lawrence Fuller - Chief executive officer, Amoco Oil Company.~Hugh "Bones" Taylor - Redskins' all-time scoring and pass-receiving record holder.
~Jake Solis - Two-time Rose Bowl Champion (2004 & 2005) & National Champion (2005); DL, Texas Longhorns.
~Guy "Red" Mackey - Legendary boilermaker football player, the namesake of Mackey Arena at Purdue University.
~Doug Lowrey - Center and Left Guard, NY Jets.


Amazing Day Foundation(Suicide Awareness), Organ Donation

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