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Risk Management

Crowd Control

A key element in hosting a safe and enjoyable social event is ensuring your house does not get over crowded - creating an unsafe environment for both residents & their guests. The key to ensuring this doesn’t happen is to appoint the right people to maintain the appropriate occupant load & general safety throughout the event. These individuals must be sober at all times and be dedicated to their responsibility throughout the entire event on their responsibilities prior to the start of the event.

  • All responsible staff, to include private security, should be throughly trained personnel at every other entrance/exit to control unauthorized entry and maintain unobstructed exiting.

  • People shall be directed to the main entrance for access - NO EXCEPTIONS! Control access to house.

  • Maintain ONE WAY IN.

  • Post private security Once maximum load has been reached entrance is denied and security will switch to a one out/one in process.

  • Cell phones or two-way radios can be used to communicate between other exits and main entry to maintain the one-in/one-out process.

  • Include residents & others already in the house before you start counting entering guests

  • Entry areas should have an independent third party security staff member. They shall be prepared to report an accurate occupant load figure to CFD, IFC, or CPD personnel when requested.

  • One responsible person should be responsible for head count & proper occupant loads are being maintained and other safety precautions (as outlined in the Party Safety Guidelines) are in place and being followed at all times. Staff shall be assigned to roam the house throughout the event to ensure this.

  • Remember: It’s best to keep the occupant load within limits so you won’t DON’T MAKE EXCEPTIONS! It’s unsafe and can cost the house $500.00 have to stop the function and request a certain number of guests to leave, and have social probation.

Corvallis Police Department Liaison Program

The Corvallis Police Department (CPD) assigns a police officer to each fraternity and sorority at OSU. For further information on this program, please contact the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life at 541-737-3660.

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