Tips for a Successful Recruitment Experience at OSU

During recruitment, ask lots of questions. There are no foolish questions.

Clearly understand the obligations of being member, especially the financial obligation.

If the chapter has a house, clearly understand what your commitment to live-in will be as a member.

Alcohol is not permitted at any recruitment activity. Play by the rules.

The decision to join a fraternity/sorority is a life-long commitment. Be clear what you expect and what you are prepared to give to this commitment.

Understand the academic support programs of the chapter. Quiet hours, study tables and test files are basic elements. You will need more support to achieve your academic potential.

Understand the total costs, beyond dues and room/board of membership.

Examine the new-member program.

E-mail the faculty advisor.

Discuss the community service program of the chapter.

Understand the educational programs the chapter sponsors and participates in on campus.

Review the Chapters Strategic/Annual Plan.

Familiarize yourself with chapter names and the Greek alphabet; it will make the recruitment process much easier for you

Remember that affiliation in a fraternity/sorority takes commitment, effort, money and time.

Be yourself!

Ignore belittling and derogatory remarks you may hear

Take advantage of the "open houses" during Formal Recruitment

Seek to affiliate with a chapter which you feel you can benefit from and which you feel you can contribute your time, energy and talents for a lifetime

Your decision as to which chapter to join should be "your" decision; don’t be pressured by anyone else

Have fun; enjoy the experience!