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"To Make Better Men..."

—is the purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho. It is our business to take young men and turn them into individuals of character and integrity. Alpha Gamma Rho is a unique fraternity at Oregon State; the only fraternity that is a social organization, as well as a professional society. All of our members are pursuing careers in the Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, and related fields. Due to the specialized nature of our chapter, not only do we focus on benefiting our member's social development as all fraternities do, but we also strive to enhance our member's professional development. We believe that through inclusion in our order, members attain the best chance for success after college. Our fraternity harbors leadership, where there is much, develops leadership where there is little, and creates leadership where there is none. Alpha Gamma Rho is not the largest fraternity on the Oregon State campus, however, being smaller is not a detriment to our purpose. Our fraternity gives us the opportunity to know our brothers better than any other fraternity. When it comes to developing meaningful fraternal bonds, bigger is not better. An additional reason the bond among our members is so strong is because our members often share a similar background and we all share a common purpose.


331 NW 26th Street
Corvallis, OR 97330


331 NW 26th Street
Corvallis, OR 97330

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ALPHA GAMMA RHO RECRUITMENT 2011 ALPHA GAMMA RHO recruits new members year round. AGR is always looking for high quality new members. We are a house based in agriculture, and all our members are majoring in forestry and agricultural studies. Our fraternity stands for the best social, moral and mental development. The goal of this house is to make better men through agriculture. The time spent in this fraternity will provide each member with superior lifelong personal development, as well as professional success. We are always looking to recruit new members who will live up to the AGR convenant and values. The house has had great success in recent years recruiting new leaders in the University. Recruitment requires the cooperation of both current and alumni members. For more information about joining the house or recommendations of potential members, contact Andy Turner VNR Recruitment at turneran@onid.orst.edu or by phone at 503-807-3192.

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Alpha Gamma Rho expanded to Oregon State University on December 6th, 1923, when a local club, Kai Tal, was given charter status. One year later, the club was granted chapter status, becoming Alpha Beta Chapter. December 6, 1924 is our local Founder's Day. E.L. "Dad" Potter was initiated as pin number 1. "Dad" was chiefly responsible for Alpha Gamma Rho's Arrival at Oregon State University.

The new chapter's first house was on the corner of Monroe and 25th Street, and today is a parking lot/Subway. In 1952, the active members moved into our present house on 331 NW 26th Street. That year, Alpha Beta Chapter hosted the AGR National Convention in Portland. The current house was paid off in 1972, and recent additions were made when the Alumni Assocation added the bathroom and penthouse suites in 1982. The current capacity of Alpha Beta is 40.

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Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life,
431-433 Snell Hall
Oregon State University
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