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What Should I Bring and Wear to a Project?

Here are some recommendations on apparel considerations for projects and other events the Center for Civic Engagement coordinates. Please be sure to also check with the individual community partners’ dress code recommendations, as they may have additional and/or more specific requirements.

What to bring

  • Volunteer service form
  • Water bottle
  • Any medication you may need
  • Hair tie if you have long hair
  • A smile & positive attitude!

What to wear

  • Clothes that you feel comfortable in and which you feel positively represent yourself and the university
  • Sturdy, closed toed shoes
  • Sturdy pants (ex. jeans, work pants)
  • Layers according to the weather (ex. t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, jacket, hat as needed)
  • For outdoor projects: rain gear and clothing that can get muddy/wet

What NOT to wear

  • Sandals, flip-flops, any shoe with a heel, closed toed shoes that aren’t sturdy (ex: cloth-based shoes)
  • Accessories that could get caught on something
  • Clothes that you don’t want to get dirty
  • Clothes that may impact your ability to participate in manual labor
  • Clothing with language or images that have the potential to offend members of the OSU/greater Corvallis community. Examples:
    • Curse words/expletives, slurs, sexual references
    • Images include drugs, weapons, nudity/sexual images or references
    • Images or text that target/exploit cultures and/or identity groups

Contact Info

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