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Help petition with Oregon League of Conservation Voters! 

When: Saturday, August 30th, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Where: The Corvallis Farmers Market (meeting at the corner of 1st St and Monroe)

Description: The Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) is currently working on a petition in the Corvallis area to protect our pollinators! The OLCV is calling on Oregon businesses to discontinue the use of specific insecticides that are known to be lethal to bee populations. Bees are responsible for pollinating nearly 75% of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we eat, and we need to act to prevent the mass die-offs that have been occurring. The OLCV will be attending the Corvallis farmers markets to help spread awareness about this issue and gather support for the petition. While the OLCV will be at the market in its entirety from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, volunteers can stop by for whatever amount of time they are able.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 3

Volunteer Requirements: Previous experience with petitioning is a plus, but no experience is required. A brief training/orientation will be provided to help familiarize volunteers with talking points for the petition and best practices while petitioning.

Contact Name: Brian Laird

Contact Information: Email: Brian@olcv.org   Phone: 541-408-0551



Corvallis Environmental Center needs volunteers for Supper at SAGE!

When: Saturday, September 6, various shifts available

Where: SAGE garden in Starker Arts Park, Corvallis


Help with our annual Supper at SAGE fundraising event on Saturday, September

6 at the SAGE garden and support the SAGE garden and Farm to School programs. 

There are a variety of 2-hour to 4-hour volunteer shifts available starting at 10am with set-up and going all the way until the last plate is cleaned and 

packed away by 10pm--and your help would be so appreciated!   If you are 

interested go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054fadab2dabfe3-supper to choose a volunteer shift that would be good for you.  For more information about the Corvallis Environmental Center and Supper at SAGE visit www.corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org


Number of Volunteers Needed: 30

Volunteer Requirements: none

Contact Info: Jen Brown, jen@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org

More Info: www.corvallisenvironmentalcenter.orgwww.signupgenius.com/go/10c054fadab2dabfe3-supper



Volunteer at Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon's Annual Benefit Sale!

When: September 11, 2014  9 a.m. to 1 pm (2 hours shifts okay)

Where: Grace Lutheran Church (435 NW 21st Street, Corvallis – Kings and Harrison

Description: Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon's Annual Benefit Sale is coming up. We will need volunteers to help set up for the sale on September 11. Tasks: Set up, unpack, organize, Help bring items into the church, unpack, set up, and organize.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 15

Volunteer Requirements: Be able to work as part of a team.  Lift small boxes.

Contact Name: Gerry Perrone

Contact Information: sdrovolunteers@gmail.com   541-231-1852

More Information: http://www.sdroregon.com/

Volunteer with Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon's Annual Benefit Sale!

When: Saturday September 13, 2014   3pm to 6pm

Where: Grace Lutheran Church (435 NW 21st Street, Corvallis – Kings and Harrison

Description: SDRO’s Annual Benefit Sale is Sept 12 and 13.  We will need volunteers to help remove items from the facility on Sept 13.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 15

Volunteer Requirements: Lift small boxes.

Contact Name: Gerry Perrone

Contact Information: sdrovolunteers@gmail.com

More Information: www.sdroregon.com


Volunteer at Corvallis Fall Festival!

When: Friday, Sept. 26 through Sunday, Sept 28.

Where: Central Park, Corvallis

Description: Corvallis Fall Festival is the largest free community event in Corvallis.  The festival features art booths, food vendors, continuous music, a childrens' area, and a street dance.  The festival is 99% volunteer run - help is needed with a variety of tasks from setting up no parking signs and tents to helping kids with their artist creations.  Most volunteers work a two or three hour shift, but some choose to work all day.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 100

Volunteer Requirements: All volunteers are welcome.  Willingness to pitch in and a pleasant attitude are the only requirements.  Some tasks might require onsite training/instruction.  It is preferable for volunteers to sign-up through the online system at www.corvallisfallfestival.com, where they will find more details on the the specific opportunities and times for volunteering.

Contact Name: Christine Hackenbruck, Executive Director

Contact Information: director@corvallisfallfestival.com; 541-752-9655

More Information: www.corvallisfallfestival.com


International Student Orientation Volunteers needed with INTO OSU/International Programs!!!

When: September 22-26, 2014

Where: ILLC, MU, Milam, LaSells on OSU's campus

Description: We will be asking volunteers to assist at international student orientation directing new international students to different areas of campus and helping them answer basic questions about OSU.

On September 22nd we need as many as 100 students to help us out so we can get students into small groups and guide them throughout campus for the whole day. Throughout rest of the week we'll need some help as well but it will be in shorter shifts.

We will have a mandatory full day training September 19th. Please fill out the link under more information if you are interested in the opportunity.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 100

Volunteer Requirements: Current OSU student in good standing with the university. If you have another language that you can speak that will be helpful in helping out some of our international students.

Contact Name: International Student Orientation Team, email: intl.orientation@oregonstate.edu

More Information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1I5gQ6rknIr835wegud0Kse9Lb70dvGdLQCmKL9mAw-E/viewform


ABC House Needs Volunteers for the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon!

When: Saturday, October 18, 2014 (All day)

Where: Cheadle Lake Park--Lebanon, OR

Description: Join us for a fun-filled, Halloween-themed, and super-awesome half marathon to support ABC House: The Child Abuse Intervention Center Serving Benton and Linn Counties. Help us out by running the race, or being a volunteer! All the volunteer jobs are listed on the race website.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 100

Volunteer Requirements: To sign up as a volunteer, visit www.runawaypumpkinhalf.org and click on the 'register now' button and then the 'volunteer' button. You will be required to sign and electronic waiver and will be given more details the closer we get to the event from the volunteer coordinator. Thank you!

Contact Information: Megan Konzelman, email: coordinator@abchouse.org

More Information: abchouse.org; runawaypumpkinhalf.org



Garden of Gentle Breeze needs volunteers for a garden maintenance!

When:         Ongoing, 11:00am- 6:00pm daily

Where:             26907 Sulphur Springs Rd, Corvallis, OR 97330

Description:   Volunteers needed at the Garden of Gentle Breeze for garden maintenance. The Garden of Gentle Breeze is a non-profit Japanese style garden open to the public. Volunteers will help with weeding, raking, watering, deadheading and other “light” tasks around the garden. There is no commitment necessary, volunteers are free to come anytime that works best and help for whatever time period works with their schedule. Please visit the website to get a better idea of the gardens and how volunteer efforts can help.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 20

Volunteer Requirements: Must have transportation and enjoy the outdoors.

Contact Info:  Jay Gray at 541-745-7315 or jaygray44@gmail.com



Let's Pull Together with Marys River Watershed Council!

When:       Saturday, September 6th, 9am-3pm

Where:             Beaver Creek, Corvallis

Description:  As a member organization of the Benton County Cooperative Weed Management Area, Marys River Watershed Council is offering an invasive plant species removal project at a stream restoration site on Beaver Creek.  We will  be removing English ivy at the site from 9 – noon on Saturday, September 6th, followed by a celebration at Willamette Park from noon – 3, where we will gather with other weed pullers from the eight project sites involved

Contact Info:  heathk@bentonswcd.org

Sign-up: www.BentonSWCD.org/programs/invasive-species/lets-pull

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