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What are internships, and why would I want one?

  • Internships combine what you learn in the classroom with "Real Life Experience" from the work place
  • Internships allow you to try out career options and gain professional experience that will be helpful in finding a full-time position upon graduation
  • Internships are short-term work assignments related to your major or career of interest -- may or may not be paid

When should I start looking for an internship?

  • NOW!...Many students make the mistake of not looking into internship positions until late into their academic careers. There are internships for every class level, from freshmen to doctoral
  • Many employers with established and structured internship programs start as early as the fall semester to interview for summer internship positions. More informal interships may fill any time of year.

Finding an internship is very similar to finding a job and requires some planning and preparation.  Being strategic about the internship search includes:

  • Knowing yourself (your interests, strengths, values). Internship Predictor is a great resource to help you figure out what internship suits you best.
  • Being familiar with employers and the labor market
  • Knowing how to pursue and apply for positions
  • Having your job search marketing materials and skills ready

Review the Internship Search Checklist.

Attend the workshop: Maximize Your Internship

Check out the OSU INTERNSHIP PORTAL for more in depth information about internships and postings. You may also be able to earn academic credit.

Use our handy Career Guide for job search and career information. It will show you how to write resumes and cover letter and provides several samples. 

Internship Listings and Resources:

  • CCE Website
  • Beaver Careers - more than job and internship listings; it has extensive tutorials and information on job search, including resume writing and networking. 
  • By College at OSU
  • Career Fairs - Held in October, February and April, this is an opportunity to talk with up to 200 employers about their internship opportunities.

Before you start your search, review Career Services PowerPoint presentations:

Links on Networking and Negotiating Salary:

Company Research Links:

Articles about Internships:

The benefits of internships and co-ops are endless, and there are many ways to identify the opportunities. If you have any questions, please make an appointment with a professional career counselor or contact Career Services at 541-737-4085.

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