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One-time Service Opportunities:

ABC House Needs Volunteers for the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon!

When: Saturday, October 18, 2014 (All day)

Where: Cheadle Lake Park--Lebanon, OR

Description: Join us for a fun-filled, Halloween-themed, and super-awesome half marathon to support ABC House: The Child Abuse Intervention Center Serving Benton and Linn Counties. Help us out by running the race, or being a volunteer! All the volunteer jobs are listed on the race website.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 100

Volunteer Requirements: To sign up as a volunteer, visit www.runawaypumpkinhalf.org and click on the 'register now' button and then the 'volunteer' button. You will be required to sign and electronic waiver and will be given more details the closer we get to the event from the volunteer coordinator. Thank you!

Contact Information: Megan Konzelman, email: coordinator@abchouse.org

More Information: abchouse.org; runawaypumpkinhalf.org



Ongoing Service Opportunities:

IMPACT needs Volunteers! Make a difference in the life of a child.

When:             Fridays, 5:00-7:15

Where:           Women's Building 112

Description: IMPACT helps improve the motor and aquatic skills of children with disabilities. IMPACT is a physical activity program for children, youth, and young adults with special needs. More than 80 children aged 6 months to 21 years, divided by age group, are engaged in physical activities-swimming, dancing, throwing balls, playing games, testing their skills on the climbing wall, balancing on a beam. IMPACT stands for Individualized Movement and Physical Activity for Children Today.

Volunteer Requirements: Applications are at http://health.oregonstate.edu/IMPACT. Applications are due October 2nd to Women's Building, room 13. No experience is necessary. Orientation will be held from 5:00-6:30 October 3rd in Women's Building 112. Bring a swimsuit and towel.

Contact Name: Erin Siebert, erin.siebert@oregonstate.edu or pawlowsj@onid.oregonstate.edu, 541-737-2176

Website: http://health.oregonstate.edu/impact


Cornerstone Associates Inc. Webmaster

When:             Needed immediately, hours will be flexible, duration unknown

Where:           Cornerstone Associates Inc. admin. office; 1445 SE Crystal Lake Drive, Corvallis

Description:  We lost our webmaster and need help with organizational website to include:  finishing updates; making corrections; downloading data, pictures, video; help with postings, etc.

Cornerstone Associates Inc. seeks to create meaningful community involvement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Requirements: Knowledge of web design and maintenance

Contact Info:    Claude Elmore: 541-752-9724, celmore@cornerstoneassoc.org

Website:        www.cornerstoneassociates.com


Internships and Volunteer Positions with Work Unlimited 

When:             ASAP

Where:            Benton Plaza, 408 SW Monroe

Description:   Work Unlimited provides case management services to individuals in our community who have special needs. 90% or more of whom are residents of the Benton Plaza, the Julian Hotel, or other low-income housing facilities, and have a severe/chronic mental illness or other disabling condition.

The purpose of our program is to assist clients in managing their illnesses or disabling conditions so they may continue to live independently and not fall into homelessness, addiction, or crime and thereby require more costly social services.

OSU interns and volunteers are needed to assist in developing plans and programs in the following five areas:

  • The importance of a balanced diet
  • Regular physical exercise; increasing participation in activities
  • Reducing intake of non-prescribed drugs & alcohol
  • Developing social support networks

Requirements: Contact Gerry Perrone (see below) for more info

Contact Info:   Gerry Perrone: 541-231-1852

Website:          http://www.workunlimited.org/

Volunteer with Samaritan Health Services

Description: Each year, hundreds of local citizens contribute thousands of volunteer hours at Samaritan Health Services facilities. Their gifts of their time and their talents add immensely to the excellent care given to patients and their families.

Most people volunteer simply because of altruism, "the unselfish concern for the welfare of others." However, they soon notice other benefits as well. They say that volunteering gives them a chance to use skills and explore interests important to them. Volunteering gives them a chance to relieve stress, stay active and healthy, and meet and mingle with other people.

Samaritan volunteers can be any age. They can volunteer a few hours a week or only a few hours a year.

They contribute in many different ways in many different service areas. Just a few are listed below:

  • children's tours
  • coffee cart
  • emergency/outpatient greeter
  • gift shop
  • flower delivery
  • special event planning
  • musical/social presentations
  • Lifeline
  • mail delivery
  • pet therapy
  • various jobs in multiple offices/departments

Requirements: Volunteers must complete an application, a criminal background check, and attend an orientation in order to volunteer. View the application materials for the various regional hospitals.

Contact Information:
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Volunteer Services Department
(541) 768-5083

Website: Samaritan Health Services Volunteer Information




Volunteer with BENCO!

Description:   Benco serves and provides support to adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities in all aspects of the individuals life.  We provide a safe and caring environment and encourage the individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.  We provide housing and staff for each individual to help with his or her day to day living. Volunteers are needed to interact with residents, whether it's reading with them, crafting with them, going on walks with them, or working with them to cook healthy meals! This is a volunteer opportunity in which you can utilize skills and hobbies that you already have.

Contact Info:  Sarah Frazzini at sarahf@bencocorvallis.com

Volunteer with Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides leadership for health on campus and contributes to the success of students and the university community. Check out their volunteer page at http://studenthealth.oregonstate.edu/volunteer for information on how to get involved with a wellness-focused volunteer group like Peer Health Advocates, Every1, or the Sexual Health Advisory Group.

Up ‘til Dawn, St. Jude Research Hospital

When:            asap

Where:           Corvallis

Description:   Up ‘till Dawn is a fundraising campaign for St. Jude, which is a non-profit research hospital that serves sick children. This is a great opportunity for the Greek community, or any other large group of students, who can host a letter writing campaign for a couple hours to raise money for St Jude. The event involves sending 35 letters to friends and family with the goal of spreading awareness and helping raise money for the kids of St. Jude.  The letters, envelopes and postage are provided. 

Contact Info.  Alyssa G. King, Event Marketing Representative, ph: (206) 526-8900, email: alyssa.king@stjude.org or Kristin O'Leary, Executive Director of Up 'Til Dawn at OSU, olearyk@onid.orst.edu

Holiday Retirement

When:              Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday and the times could be 11:00am or 3:00pm

Where:          Holiday Retirement

Description:   Volunteers needed for teaching a sketch class, watercolor class, pottery class, jewelry class, poetry class, creative writing class or ceramics class. Some supplies could be provided if needed. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the activities planned they are welcome at any time.

Contact Info.  Megan Dulley, Enrichment Coordinator, ph: 541-754-1961

BDA Blood Drive Association (OSU)

When:             Ongoing

Where:            On campus 

Description:  Help out with quarlerly blood drives on campus; coat check, traffic control, donor check-in, volunteer check-in, escort, canteen, on-site recruitment

Contact Info: email: volunteer@osublooddrive.com

Websites:        https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blood-Drive-Association-at-Oregon-State-University/160185180745165

Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center

When:          Ongoing

Where:         McLean Hall at First Christian Church at 603 Madison Ave.

Description:  The Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center provides a safe place for low income individuals to gather and socialize. Refreshments and games are provided as well as a place for individuals to receive mail. Volunteers are needed to stock supplies, socialize with guests, and clean the facilities.  Volunteers are needed Monday- Friday 10am-2pm.

Contact Info: ph: 541-738-7500 email: project.action@drop-in.org

Grace Center for Adult Day Services

When:              Volunteers needed

Where:             Grace Center for Adult Day Services, 980 NW Spruce Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon 97330

Description:      Volunteers are needed to work with elderly and disabled adults for art, music, and other activities.

Available volunteer opportunities are listed below:

  1. Individuals and groups with talents in music, art, theater, dance, or other activities are invited to assist or lead such activities from 1:30pm-2:30pm any week day. Presentations are also welcome with themes such as culture, travel, nature, history, etc.
  2. Exercise activities: from 10:30am to 11:00am volunteers are invited to assist or lead preplanned exercise activities or games.
  3. Games & Discussions: from 12:15pm to 1:15pm and from 3:00pm to 4:15pm volunteers are invited to assist or lead preplanned activities such as shuffleboard, discussion groups, cards, trivia, etc.
  4. Support: volunteers looking to help with office work, grounds keeping, maintenance, or other projects are also welcome.

Those interested in volunteering need to fill out an application form and background form. These forms are available on the Grace Center website: http://www.gracecenter-corvallis.org/volunteer.html

Contact Info: Tara Stegner, office@gracecenter-corvallis.org  ph: (541) 754-8417

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