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Day Trippers

 Day Trippers Program:

Mission: To explore outside counties and communities relatively close to Corvallis in order to learn, understand and develop relationships for the purpose of community engagement.

  • Intermediary duration trip between one-time/on-going/alternative spring break 
  • Two main ideas; (1) to engage students in service work outside of familiar communities and counties, (2) to engage students in service work for an extended period of time for a day.  
  • Students, faculty and volunteers alike are able to experience meaningful service work outside of Corvallis. 
  • Unfamiliarity with new locations and communties requires trust among participants. 
  • Longer duration (approx. 5 – 8hours) allows for more impact to volunteers in the way of reflection and educational sessions that are informative to volunteers.  
  • CCE wishes to make new community partnerships outside of Corvallis and Albany.


Silver Falls Service Project! MAY 18th!  Register here.

Project: Silver Falls Forest Work

Project time: 9:45AM to 4:00PM, with lunch break and trail hike.

Leave Campus: 8:30AM

Return to Campus: 5:15PM

Location: Silver Falls State Park Campground

Project Description: The project includes forest diversification, replanting conifers, clearing landslides, and trail work. We will also have time to take a hike with Dan Hoynacki to see the scenic beauty of Silver Falls.

Number of volunteers: 11

Children?: Yes, under supervision.

Volunteer Requirements: Please emphasize close-toed shoes and weather appropriate clothing. 

Contact info: John Drischell: 541-737-3041


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