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Civic Engagement Week

Civic Engagement Week was April 14-April 18, 2014!

Thank you for being a part of conversations on campus and service work throughout this week! We created over 100 paper cranes for Jackson Street Youth Shelter, participated in a gardening service project at SAGE, engaged in dialogues concerning community involvement, and shared positive messages in the quad. Thanks to all who participated to this successful week! Be sure to join us next year!

C E week

Check out our events from Civic Engagement Week 2014:

Craft 'n Care
Tuesday April 15th
11am-1pm Women's Center

Volunteers joined us for a discussion about civic engagement in our lives and on our campus. What are you doing to be actively engaged in the betterment and growth of your community? We crafted decorations for the Jackson Street Youth Shelter. Bring your lunch and artistic skills! C E Week crafting cranes

SAGE Garden Service Project
Thursday April 17th
3-5:30pm Meet in Snell 158

Students took part in a service project at SAGE Garden, a unique community garden that donates food to local food banks and soup kitchens. Every year, SAGE supplies between 3-4 tons of organically grown produce to agencies and families all over Corvallis. SAGE also holds classes and programs. Our volunteers helped contribute to this great program and learned about food distribution systems and programs around Corvallis! C E Week SAGE volunteers

Civic Engagement is about caring about our communities, people, and the environment and place we share. Students can make a difference through community service, leadership, becoming educated citizens, and advocating for change.

Take time to learn social issues and current events, community service opportunities, and the benefits of community engagement. Most importantly, thank people you know who are civically engaged for all the good things they have done to make the world a better place.

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