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Alternative Break- Warm Springs Report Out 2013

Alternative Break - Summer 2013 Report Out

One Trip:

  • Warm Springs, OR

Group at Smith Rock


One HUGE Impact:

Warm Springs, OR

Eight OSU students and one staff member spent June 17th to June 21st working with the OSU Extension Office in Warm Springs, Oregon for a community-based learning  alternative break trip. The Warm Springs Extension Office is the only Extension Office in the state located on a Native American Reservation. The group worked with five community partners projects during a week-long service trip sponsored by the OSU Center for Civic Engagement and the Warm Springs Extension Office. Trip participants worked with the OSU Extension Office, the Warm Springs Community Action Team, High Lookee Lodge Assisted Living Facility, the Museum at Warm Springs, and KWSO public radio station.  Cultural Engagement and Community Wellness was the theme of the trip. Projects included assisting in hoop house construction, landscaping work, building raised garden beds accessible to those using scooters or wheelchairs, and exhibit and trail maintenance. In total, the group contributed 148.5 hours of service. The group discovered various factors impacting community health and wellness in Warm Springs by exploring elements of food sourcing, community and cultural activities, and outdoor recreation.  Through direct service work, the group explored community gardens, nutrition classes, cultural events, and outdoor recreation/education that all impact the health and livability of the Warm Springs area. The group visited extensively with faculty and staff at the Warm Springs Extension Office to learn about the services and programs put on by OSU Extension for the community.  Students also learned about Native traditions and the history of the Warm Springs, Wasco, and Pauite tribes through their time at the Museum at Warm Springs. By spending time with tribal members the trip participants explored and learned through personal narrative about the tribal customs of the native populations on the reservation


“The most valuable part of the trip would have to be directly speaking to members of the tribes and the community members…I will definitely always remember the kindness of our hosts.”

  • Total volunteer hours and educational hours
    • Volunteer: 148.5 service hours
    • Education: 77.5 educational hours

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