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Center for Civic Engagement

Better the world, better yourself through community engagement


The Center for Civic Engagement’s mission is to facilitate students' connection to the community via meaningful service experiences that inspire positive change in local and global issues.

Goals and Vision:

In partnership with community-based organizations, the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) facilitates meaningful service, community engagement, and educational programs. The CCE strives to:

  • Engage students in service, philanthropy, and activism based work,
  • Meet diverse community-identified needs,
  • Create positive change in local and global communities,
  • Enhance students' knowledge of self and sense of place,
  • Inspire students to have a heightened sense of responsibility for the communities around them,
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities, and
  • Foster active citizenship and social responsibility.

By promoting a campus culture that inspires community engagement, civic leadership, and social responsibility, the CCE aspires for all OSU students and alumni to serve as catalysts for creating more livable, just, and sustainable communities.

We Provide:

  • Experiential learning through annual, one time, and ongoing co-curricular community service and service-learning opportunities
  • Educational programming to raise awareness about issues of public concern
  • Individual service consultation to assist students in finding service opportunities and areas of passion
  • Consultation for service groups and student organizations related to community service programming, service-learning education, and reflection strategies
  • Networking between the OSU campus and surrounding community


  • Annual Days of Service
    • Make a Difference Day
    • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
    • Earth Day Service Day
    • Day of Caring
  • Non-Profit and Volunteer Fair
  • National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week
  • Craft 'N Care


  • Alternative Break Service Trips
  • DOT (Do One Thing to better the world)
  • Bloss Hall Civic Engagement Living Community

Why get involved? Here are a few potential benefits of civic engagement and community service:

  • Enhance your sense of self, sense of place, and a sense of purpose to effect positive change
  • Impact change in your areas of passion and interest
  • Feel a sense accomplishment 
  • Deepen your understanding of complex social, environmental, and political issues 
  • Develop friendships and a stronger sense of community and belonging
  • Build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Explore your values
  • Increase your self-awareness (emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually)
  • Bring course content alive with an opportunity to connect what you learn in the classroom (theory) with the rest of the world (practice)
  • Find an outlet for your creativity
  • Foster your community and professional networks and contacts
  • Augment your leadership and practical skill set
  • Gain career readiness skills
  • Survey various career paths and options to aid with career decision-making
  • Prepare for post-graduate work
  • Feel happier, people who volunteer are happier on average! (See 10 Things Happy People Do Differently)
  • Your community needs YOU!

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