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DOT (Do One Thing)

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One Word. One Goal. Huge Impact. 
Together our combined DOTs can spark a social change revolution!

Inspired by Saatchi & Saatchi S, the Center for Civic Engagement challenges Oregon State University students, faculty, and staff to Do One Thing (DOT) for community betterment and social change. Many students and community members engage in issues on an episodic basis; however, improving communities and creating social change takes more than a one-time effort.

Why Does DOT Matter?

All OSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni can play a part in improving the quality of life in the community and world we share.  We believe that OSU students and community members can make a difference. Our decisions and actions impact the social and environmental systems around us. DOT gives us all the opportunity to consider our personal impact and decisions as well as the ability to:

  • Contribute to and serve something larger than ourselves in order to contribute to society’s intellectual, cultural, spiritual, economic, social, and environmental progress.
  • Allow OSU to better achieve its land-grant mission and core value around social responsibility through fostering an ethos of civic action and leadership as an institution committed to understanding and acting towards the common good.
  • Make a public and outward declaration of how OSU community members are making a difference and taking action both on campus and in the local community.
  • Be a part of a social change movement. While it may seem like one DOT stands alone, connecting hundreds of DOTs will create a significant movement of social change and collective action. Our actions matter.  


OSU community members are encouraged to not only think about relief efforts or direct service that meets an immediate need, but to also try to address root causes of the issue through activism or advocacy work when possible.

What is one issue area or social problem that pulls on your heartstrings? What are you passionate about? What actions do you plan to take (or are you already taking) to create change in that issue area? Fill out the DOT form so that we can showcase your contribution to your community and we can hear updates about your community betterment work and progress.

OSU community members who make a DOT pledge will receive a DOT door hanger or window decal and are asked to showcase their DOT to make their declarations visible to others and inspire others to make similar pledges and commitments.

Declaring a DOT is one way to beBEAVERBOLD and engage positively in what Oregon State University has to offer!


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