Mural Comunitario en el CCCC de OSU

Guided Design: What we are imagining.

A Conceptual Framework for a Collective Mural Project:
Engaging our Community in Glocal Issues through Artivism


We believe in expressing and advocating our identity through art. This joint effort shares a powerful approach for collective consciousness.

In contrast with the prevailing narrative on social justice that commonly addresses us, Latin@s, as objects of research, art allows us to become subjects who express cultural uniqueness directly.

We want to outgrow the research prejudice about cultural encoding by promoting the right to present our own realities.

Our artistic expression is an unguarded gate that remains open and welcomes everyone eager to find alternative perceptions, narratives and beliefs.

LATEST INFO: For more information regarding this project, please visit our Facebook page by clicking on the following link: Mural Comunitario en el Centro Cultural César Chávez de OSU