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Resources & Services

Resources & Services

Beaver JobNet - a great way to get your job or internship search started. Meet employers from a variety of organizations as well as from locations around the country and around the world. This is the only job database system where employers are specifically wanting Beavers - YOU!

Career Assessments - What are my interests?  Is my personality a good “fit” for a certain career?  Career assessments are one tool that can help answer these kinds of questions.  Experienced career counselors will help you interpret your results. We offer assessments such as SIGI3 (it's free!), Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Strong Interest Inventory. Find out more about each assessment.

Career Counseling/Advising - Counselors are available to help you with any career related questions. Whether you are interested in changing your major, wondering about jobs after college, or just interested in exploring your interests, our counselors are here to help.

Career Fairs - Offered 3 times a year (October, February, and April) where employers come to campus and recruit students in one location. Great place to connect with employers and find out about jobs and internships.

Career Guide - provides information about the entire career process all in one document!

Career Services Blog - No matter what your career-related interests may be, we hope this blog has something for you. We promise to update regularly with posts on everything from choosing a major, to “hot jobs” in the current economy.

Career Trail - Prep by Step - College is the time to develop the skills you need, and Career Services is here to help! Career Trail will help you to come out knowing more about yourself, knowing more about the world of work, able to market yourself to others with the right tools and skills, and beginning to connect to that network of folks who can help you continue on your career trail after college!

Drop-In Resume/Cover Letter/Beaver JobNet assistance - Drop-ins are approximately 15 minute sessions that do not require an appointment.  At the drop-in sessions, career services staff are on-call to critique your resume, cover letter, curriculum vitae, graduate school applications, and assist you with Beaver JobNet. 

Facebook Page - Oregon State University Career Services - Become a fan of our Facebook page to learn about career trends, job and internship postings, connect with other students, and enjoy being part of our OSU community.

Federal Job Application Assistance - A student ambassador from the Department of Energy is available to answer your questions regarding federal jobs and provide you tips on filling out the application.

Handouts - Career Services has many handouts available for students in our office and online on a variety of career related topics.

InterviewStream (Virtual Mock Interviews) - an interactive online video-based practice interviewing tool which uses a webcam to video your practice interview.

Mock Interviews - don't make the mistake of scheduling your most important interview before you practice. Good interviewing skills are learned, and practice is the key to success. Meet with a Career Services counselor/advisor for a one hour session to improve your interviewing skills.

NACE Salary Calculator - The NACE Salary Calculator Center is the hub for compensation data, with salary data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States. The NACE Salary Calculators are easy to use, and our salary survey data sets are updated monthly to ensure consistently accurate salary data.

Online Seminars & Webinars - Need a seminar right now? Get 24/7 access to seminars and webinars on job and internship topics and to videos featuring employer and graduate school recruiters. Stay tuned--we are continuously adding new videos.

Seminars & Events - Our staff annually deliver many seminars on a range of employment, internship, and graduate school topics some designed for a broad audience to specialized programs for specific populations.

Request a Presentation - we provide presentations to classes, clubs, and groups about many career-related topics plus we are always willing to customize the information for the audience.

Resource Library - Career Services has many books to assist you with career exploration, job researching, resume and cover letter writing, self exploration, graduate school test preparation, etc. You are welcome to read through these books at Career Services or you can check them out through the OSU library.

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