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We understand that you are not always able to make it to one of our seminars in person or maybe you did attend but need to refer back to some of the content. Then our online videos are perfect for you! Check out the following and we will be adding more soon!

How to Apply for State and Federal Jobs

Learn what it takes to get noticed when applying for government jobs.
Presenter: Greg Ivers – Oregon Employment Department

Using Social Media to Get a Job

Ever wonder how you can be using your social networking sites more effectively in the job search?  We have answers!
Presenter: Lea McLeod- Degrees of Transition LLC

Creating a Stand-Out Resume

Discover how you can create a resume that helps you market your message and stand out in a pool of applicants.
Presenter: Doug Rice - Enterprise

How to Ace Your Interview

Learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned recruiter.
Presenter: Adry Clark - Career Services

Job Search Strategies in a Challenging Economy

Looking for a job can feel daunting and oftentimes difficult to even begin.  This video addresses the best practices and results-oriented strategies for an effective job search.
Presenter: Marian Moore - Career Services

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