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Working on campus is a great option because university employers are often more flexible about scheduling your work hours around your class schedule, and transportation and travel time are seldom a problem.OSU employs many students at a variety of  locations throughout the university. Be sure to check out the Student Employee Policies & Procedures Manual for guidelines about who is eligible to work on campus, how many hours you are allowed to work per week, etc.

There are multiple ways to find a job on campus:

  1. Check out Beaver JobNet, OSU’s online job database system that has a section specifically for on-campus jobs.
    • First Time Beaver JobNet Users: You will be asked to fill out a short profile. When your profile is completed your personal Beaver JobNet homepage will appear on the screen and you are now ready to begin your job search!
    • If for some reason you are not able to get past the registration page, contact Rachel.Finch@oregonstate.edu and she can get your account set up. In the email provide your full name (first, middle, last), student ID# and your ONID email address.
    • On-campus job listings are under Student Jobs on the right-hand side of the homepage. Select one or more of the following options:
      • OSU Student On Campus Jobs (Not Workstudy)
      • OSU Federal Work Study On Campus Jobs
      • Federal Workstudy Off Campus Jobs
    • Federal Work Study: If you have been awarded work study with a financial aid package, you are eligible for work study student jobs (as well as regular, non-work study student jobs). You can find a listing of these jobs on Beaver JobNet by clicking on the Federal Work Study Jobs link on the right-hand side of your homepage.
  2. Make sure you are on your major's listserves and if not talk to your advisors. Find listserves to join...there are many to choose from and it is easy to unsubscribe if you don't find the listserve helpful.

  3. Some departments are always accepting applications and therefore do not always post jobs on Beaver JobNet. Other departments you have to approach in order to get a job.

  4. Ask your friends where they work and that you are interested in a job on campus. Oftentimes people hire by referrals from current employees.

  5. Continue to recheck the following websites because job opportunities are constantly being updated for different terms. Also, if the websites only have contact information start networking, and ask if they have any available positions!

  6. You can also work off campus in the community. Check out our section on Local Jobs for ideas and opportunities. Don’t have a car to get to a job off-campus? Check out No Car, No Problems for helpful transportation tips in Corvallis!

Below are just some of the departments on campus that tend to hire students, including how to apply (click the link highlighted in orange).

Academic Departments
Many academic departments will post jobs on Beaver JobNet. If you want to work for a particular department that doesn't have a posting on Beaver JobNet, then be proactive, visit the department for which you would like to work and talk to someone to see if they have any jobs available. Look on department websites, read over faculty bios and contact a faculty member directly asking if they need a research assistant.

Academic Success Center (ASC)
The ASC hires student receptionists and academic coaches to assist students with improving their grades, doing better on tests, managing their time, and more. They also hire student instructors for their summer Bridge Program.

Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU)
We exist as an organization to promote academic excellence, encourage the intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development of the student body, and enable the student body to assert its varied interests as citizens and members of the academic community through democratic representation.
Our mission is to promote self-government and leadership within the student body of Oregon State University, thereby enhancing the educational, social and cultural experience of the students.

OSU University Administrative Business Center (UABC)
The UABC employs many students throughout the university in a variety positions such as clerical, technology, and tutoring. Available positions are usually posted on Beaver JobNet and they hire throughout the year.

Beaver Beginnings - Child Care Center
OSU Beaver Beginnings uses an exclusive educational program which provides unlimited opportunities for the development of the whole child. There's a unique curriculum for every age level, centered around developmentally appropriate and fun activities that help children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. They hire students year round to help the permanent staff. Students can apply in person by going to the center located at 11th and Adams. They typically hire HDFS students in order to provide hands-on experience to students interested in working with kids in the future.

Career Services
Career Services hires student workers which we call, Career Assistants. Career Assistants provide advisement to peers, assist in the coordination of campus programs and events, and work collaboratively with staff, alumni and employers. Hiring takes place spring term and the application will be available on Beaver JobNet.

College of Agricultural Sciences
Intern for professors or work in the office, positions are posted in Beaver JobNet, but also talk to these career contacts for more information, and further job opportunities.

College of Business
The College of Business hires students through Beaver JobNet for positions in the Career Success Center, as well as in the main office. They also have a page positing part time job postings on and off campus.

Cultural and Diversity Centers
These centers all hire similar positions including Activities Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator, Office Support and Publications Coordinator.

Disability Access Services (DAS)
DAS offers many student employment opportunities such as alternate formats aide, alternative testing services aide, notetaker, notetaking services aide, and testing proctor.

Dixon Recreation Center
The Department of Recreational Sports (DRS) is one of the largest student employers on campus. We provide diverse recreational opportunities for all students and members of the OSU community. We work hard to ensure a quality experience for all participants, and have employment opportunities in all of the facilities and programs we offer.

It is KidSpirit’s goal to provide a quality and safe environment for all campers, parents, and staff. Although you will be given a general job description, it is not an exhaustive list of the job duties you will be expected to perform and the attitude you will be expected to present. You should always be prepared and willing to respond to the unexpected. KidSpirit prides itself in challenging its employees to grow as individual's while gaining professional experience.

Laboratories across campus
There are multiple labs on campus that hire students. Don’t worry if you don’t know very much about working in a lab or about the topic the lab is researching, they don’t expect you to be an expert. Just show the professor that you’re interested in what they’re doing and that you’d be a great assistant. Some lab positions are posted on Beaver JobNet while others may be through the department. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to the website for whichever department you’re interested in working for, usually the department of your major but not always, click the Research link in the sidebar (some departments have this link while others do not). If you don't find this link but are interested in working for a particular department, then ask people in the department if they know of any positions. A good place to start is by talking with an academic advisor.
  2. View the list of research projects that OSU professors are leading, read about them, and pick about 7-8 that sound the most interesting.
  3. Meet with an advisor in that department, they should be able to let you know if any of the labs you picked are accepting undergraduate assistants, and help connect you with the professors that have positions available.
  4. Contact the professor - your advisor can help you arrange an interview.
  5. Ace your interview! Career Services offers free mock interview practice!

There are a few pools on campus where you can be a lifeguard but applications and training is done through Dixon Recreation Center. For more information you can contact justin.gordon@oregonstate.edu.

Memorial Union (MU)
The MU offers many job opportunities including - Leadership and Support Staff, Coffee Shops and MU Food Services, Craft Center, Guest Services, Information Desk, Building Services, MU Basement, MU Graphic Studio &  Marketing.

New Student Programs & Family Outreach
START Leaders work throughout the summer assisting with OSU’s orientation, advising, and registration program: START Leaders also have the opportunity to participate in CONNECT Week programs. START Leaders are required to take a Spring Quarter training course. This position is a paid position, with pay beginning during the summer.
U-Engage Peer Leaders assist in the First-Year Experience course U-Engage. U-Engage peer leaders receive 2 internship credits in either fall or winter term for their service, as well as the opportunity to mentor and help students in their transition to OSU. Peer Leaders are required to take a 3 credit Spring term training course and complete in-person and written reflections during Fall term.

Office of Admissions
Campus TOUR Ambassadors are a great resource for future students and their families. They give tours and positively represent Oregon State University. The application is usually available in January and if accepted you are required to take a spring quarter training course.

OSU Foundation
Hires student fundraisers whol serve as an OSU ambassador to alumni and friends while helping raise much-needed support for scholarships, faculty recruitment, and so much more! Fundraising skills are great for many jobs and an excellent experience to have on your resume!

OSU Beaver Store (Bookstore)
The OSU Beaver Store, located in the MU hires students through an online application. Great location to work!

Our Little Village - Child Care
Located in the Valley Library and Dixon, the program hires students to provide child care for students who are either needing to study or working out. The hiring usually takes place in the spring and preference is given to HDFS majors. If interested in applying, email Kristi at kristi.king@oregonstate.edu.

Research Office and Opportunities
Utilize this resource as a way to find funding and research opportunities.

Sensory Science Laboratory
Participate at the Sensory Science Laboratory as a Consumer Panelist sampling for major food developers. For participating, panelists receive gift certificates to use at restaurants, coffee houses, stores and theaters.

Student Computing Facilities
The student computing facilities, located in Milne here on campus, offer jobs to students who are interested in working with computers, performing routine maintenance on them, as well as printers and other facility equipment.

Student Health Services
Student Health Services hires professional staff as well as students. Positions include front desk/phone duties, and in specific department offices. A portion of SHS is located at Dixon, where students work similar duties as well. Job listings are posted on their site and on Beaver JobNet.

Student Media Jobs

  • KBVR-TV has a number of paid positions open to students which include Public Relations Director, Station Manager, Assistant Stations Manager, Chief Engineer, Webmaster and more.  Many positions are available for elective credits.
  • KBVR-FM hires students for many roles, including Station Manager, Program Director, Music Director, Productions Manager, Promotions Manager and more. Volunteer positions available as well. Stop by Snell to talk to them.
  • Prism the art and literary magazine, produced once every term, positions include Editor in Chief and Graphic Designers. Volunteer positions available as well.
  • Beaver Yearbook produces the annual yearbook, paid positions include Beaver Editor and Business Manager, with other volunteer positions as well.
  • The Daily Barometer positions fall under the categories of Editorial Staff, Advertising Staff and Delivery.

Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI)
The Student Sustainability Initiative is the student-run, student-fee funded organization charged with representing student interests in sustainability at Oregon State University. Under normal circumstances, the SSI takes on new staff and fee board members in April, and takes on interns at the beginning of each term.

Study Facilitators and Tutors for Athletes
Academics for student athletes hires a number of students throughout the year to help tutor our student athletes as well as facilitate their study hall sessions which includes assistance and mentoring concerning academic skills.

Supplemental Instruction Leader (Tutor)
SI Leaders serve as the peer facilitators for supplemental instruction sessions. SI Leaders attend all lectures, take notes, read all assigned material, and conduct regularly scheduled study table sessions each week. SI Leaders assist students with critical thinking, organization, and competence in the discipline. All SI Leaders attend an intensive training session that addresses student learning as well as facilitation strategies for strengthening student academic performance.

University Housing & Dining Services
Dining Services depends on student employees to help provide great food and customer experiences for all of our guests. We offer you opportunities to develop your résumé through experience and leadership training. UHDS provides part-time work that is compatible with your class schedule. The following are positions you can apply for:

CSI Mentor
Campus Ambassadors
Dining and Catering Jobs

Operations Jobs
Residential Conferences Summer Staff
Marketing, Assessment, Communications & Diversity Jobs
Residential Education Jobs

Resident Assistants (RA) are employees of Residential Education within the department of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS). Supervised by a Resident Director, the RA is expected to work to accomplish the objectives of the department of UHDS and to help create and maintain an effective living/learning community within the residence halls and dining centers. This includes working to build a safe and inclusive living environment for all students; enforcing university and UHDS policies; promoting student academic and personal success; and providing excellent customer service.

Valley Library
The Valley Library offers a variety of job opportunities ranging from the Student Help Desk, Circulation Desk, University Archives, Special Collections and data entry. Job postings typically occur at the end of the term for the next term, and are listed on Beaver JobNet and the Oregon State Applicant Site, which can be found through their website.

Writing Center
The Writing Center is a part of the Academic Success Center. They offer employment to students who wish to assist students and even staff of OSU with aspects of the writing process from brainstorming and organization to grammar and usage. To apply, just go into the center and ask for an application.

Question not answered?

Please contact Career Services for assistance by phone or email: