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Online Job Search Engines by Category

Entry-Level Job Search Engines

If you are searching for job postings online, you will find that many are not entry-level positions. Where do you find the entry-level jobs? Check out these search engines geared for recent college graduates.

Nonprofit Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities

Working for a nonprofit or volunteering is a great way to get a broad range of experiences, and satisfy that advocate inside you!

Oregon Jobs

List of job search engines specific to Oregon.

Local Jobs

There are also opportunities to work in the local Corvallis area and surrounding communities.

Alternative/ Adventure Jobs & Opportunities

Thinking about taking a year or two or three to explore and have some fun while you have less responsibilities? There are many alternative/adventure jobs and opportunities available if you are interested in traveling, hiking, hospitality, etc. where you can try something new, meet a lot of people, and learn more about yourself along the way.

Green Jobs

Green jobs are booming and are also highly sought after. Find out how to find a green job including job search engines geared for the green industry.

Federal Jobs

Finding a federal job can take time and the process can sometimes be confusing. Here is some information to help you navigate the process.

Working Abroad

Working abroad isn't as simple as just looking at an international webpage. Learn strategies to finding an international job including the typical jobs found abroad.

Job Listings by Degree

We have a "What Can I Do with this Degree" section that has links to job postings that are relevant to a particular major. Very helpful site!

General Job Search Engines

There are many job search engines online and here you will find some of the most popular and broadly based ones.

Job Listings for Diverse Students

Learn more about job postings specifically for diverse students.

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