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InterviewStream Class Assignment Request

Thank you for making InterviewStream a part of your class. Please fill out the following information so that we can quickly set up a question set on InterviewStream specific to your class as well as customized instructions to share with your students. Once we process your request we will send you a list of interview questions that you can choose from for your students to answer (you can select a maximum of 10 questions).

If you have any questions, please contact Career Services at career.services@oregonstate.edu.  

The class title will be the title of your InterviewStream set questions.

Please provide the instructor's first and last name if it is different from the contact person.

Please provide the instructor's email if it is different from the contact person and the instructor plans on watching the student interviews.

InterviewStream can either show the questions that will be asked or hide the questions so that the student cannot see them before they do the interview.

InterviewStream offers the option to allow students to retry an interview question if they didn't like their response.

InterviewStream provides a self-assessment built into the program. If you want each student in the class to assess their interview, we will include this in the class instructions.

There is an option to have multiple people watch a student's interview and some instructors like to have a peer(s) from class watch the interview and provide feedback. InterviewStream provides an assessment form for peer(s) to fill out and the interviewer will receive the feedback via an email. If you do this as an option, it is best to assign a peer(s) for each student in the class.

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