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Not sure what type of career is best for you? You're not alone!

First, let's define career exploration. It is the process of...

  1. learning about yourself and the world of work,
  2. identifying and exploring potentially satisfying occupations, and
  3. developing an effective strategy to realize your goals.

Career Services has the tools and resource to help you!

Choosing or Changing a Major

This can feel like one of the most daunting tasks of college.  But we can offer some helpful tips on how to approach this process, as well as provide information about possible career paths based on various majors. Also check out What Can I Do with this Degree.  

Career Counseling

Counselors are available to help you with any career related questions. Whether you are interested in changing your major, wondering about jobs after college, or just interested in exploring your interests, our counselors are here to help.

Career Assessments - Learn About Yourself

What are my interests?  Is my personality a good “fit” for a certain career?  Career assessments are one tool that can help answer these kinds of questions.  Experienced career counselors will help you interpret your results.

Learn About Careers

There are so many careers out there—ones you’ve never even heard of.  Start by window shopping, and then move toward experiential learning.    Here you'll find several links to occupational information sites, as well as suggestions for hands-on career exploration such as job shadowing and internships.

Career Development Overview and Timeline

What to expect during your career exploration process, along with timelines for the career development process.

Hands-on Learning and Exploration

The best way to learn and explore is by doing! A few ways to apply and develop your skills is through job shadowing, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering.

Informational Interviews

One of the best sources for gathering information about what's happening in an occupation or an industry is to talk to people working in the field. This process is called informational or research interviewing. An informational interview is an interview that you initiate - you ask the questions. The purpose is to obtain information, not to get a job.

Resource Library

Career Services has many books to assist you with career exploration, job researching, resume and cover letter writing, self exploration, graduate school test preparation, etc. You are welcome to read through these books at Career Services or you can check them out through the OSU library.

Career Courses

OSU offers a variety of courses to assist students with the career decision-making process, learning more about what you can do with a specific major, and courses on professional development.

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