On the career trail, connecting to other hikers will get you to the best locations, with amazing waterfalls or incredible views. Even with all the research and preparation, you need to be able to connect with people that can help you secure the perfect opportunities for you. There are tons of ways to do this, including letting your instructors, colleagues, friends and family know what your goals are. Here are a couple of other ways to connect and build a network of hikers all thinking about ways to help you.

Assignment #5: Create a LinkedIn Profile

Estimated Time to Completion ≈ 1 Hour


Step #1 - Explore LinkedIn

Take a look at these 6 short videos on LinkedIn, especially the first and second in the series.

Step #2 - Jump In and Try It

Create a LinkedIn profile and join the LinkedIn Oregon State University Network and the Beaver Careers Group. There are lots of groups to join, but start with these two. Make sure you fill out everything in the profile completely so your information will show up earlier in searches. Use the strategies of a great resume; typos and misinformation on LinkedIn can create a negative impression on a potential employer. Be ready to talk about your experience creating your profile to others in your class, to your advisor, or to a career counselor. Submit your public url to your instructor as they requested if completing the assignment for a class.

Assignment #6: Conduct an Informational Interview

Estimated Time to Completion ≈ 2 Hours


Step #1 - Learn How to Connect In Person

Check out our page on informational interviewing.

Step #2 - Go Out There and Meet Someone

Complete one informational interview (academic, industry, non-profit, or government) based on your interests. If you need assistance finding a person to interview, contact Career Services, talk to a professor or advisor, or explore your LinkedIn or Facebook contacts. It's always best if you can get a hold of someone local and talk to them face to face, but you could also set up an informational interview over the phone. Be sure to prepare questions to ask and respect your interviewee’s time. Complete a one-page reflection paper answering the following questions:

Submit this to your instructor as they requested or save it for self-reflection and to share with advisors, family members, or a career counselor.

Assignment #7: Explore Beaver Careers

Estimated Time to Completion ≈ 1 Hour


Check out the information on this site about our OSU job search and career development tool, Beaver Careers.