Know the World of Work!

Before you set out on the trail, you need to know what you’re in for. Will it be muddy, steep, or dry and flat? Will there be switchbacks, forests, streams, or rolling hills? If you know these things ahead of time, you can be prepared and have a great hike. The same with your career. That’s why you need to research careers before you leave college, know what the expectations and requirements are for jobs in your field, and get prepared to hike right into what you want to do.

Assignment #2

Estimated Time to Completion ≈ 2 Hours


Step #1: What major(s) should you choose?

Visit the sites What Can I Do With This Degree

Step #2: What is your ideal job?

After researching the career(s) that interest you in Sigi 3, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, or in O*Net, take a look at some job descriptions for jobs available right now in an online job search engine