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ASOSU Annual Washington DC Lobby Trip

The ASOSU Government Relations office has opened applications for the Washington DC Lobbying Trip. This annual trip is essential for advocating for Oregon State University students as well as offering the opportunity to provide Oregon State students with invaluable leadership and professional development.  The DC Lobby Trip is a student-fee funded program that selected applicants will get to experience at minimal personal cost. The Government Relations Office of ASOSU is taking a delegation of 10-12 qualified students that accurately represent the OSU student population and the issues that are important to them!

 The Government Relations Office of ASOSU continues to take a team of students to Washington, DC to lobby federal legislators so that we uphold our statutory duty to “establish effective working relationships with key Senate and Congressional offices”. We do this by showing a physical presence in Washington, DC so Oregon’s Senators and Representatives understand the importance of our issues.

 Our reason to communicate in-person with our federal legislators instead of email or phone correspondence is three-fold. First, it allows us to put a face to student issues. Even though facts and statistics are compelling, having a personal story and creating that personal connection with legislators is important when lobbying. Second, in-person lobbying meetings help foster professional development of the students who attend the trip. Creating an environment in which students speak with people in positions of power is the quickest way to create students who can understand and use their own political power. Third, in preparation for the trip, and corresponding with statutory responsibilities, the group of students going to DC “gathers extensive information about various bills and programs at the national level which impact the students of OSU”.

The dates of the DC Lobby Trip are: Saturday, April 18th - Tuesday, May 21st.

Applications are due: Friday, April 12 by 5pm Students can pick up and turn in their applications at the SLI desk in Snell.

More information can be given by contacting the Director of Government Affairs:


Victoria Redman

Director of Government Affairs

The Associated Students of Oregon State University

149 Snell Hall, Corvallis, Oregon 97330

Office: 541.737.9147

Cell: 541.410.2199

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