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What is OSU 360?

OSU 360 is a collection of locations that have a photograph taken with a special lens that allows for you to see the entire room by panning with your mouse cursor held down on the image. Each location is linked to the OSU Campus Map, allowing you to see where you are and what other locations are available.

Why won’t the 360 image load?

The 360 images require the Adobe Flash Player to run. To download the latest version, click here.

What is a Tour?

Within OSU 360, routes have been specified to highlight certain aspects of the University. These 'Tours' (accessed from the top navigation bar) travel through a select path of around a dozen locations, and can be navigated using ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ arrows located below the miniature campus map. You can return to the exploration mode at any time by clicking on the ‘Explore’ button on the top navigation bar.

How do I navigate?

There are several ways to navigate:

  1. Using the orange highlighted boxes in the image, you can click to go in a desired direction.
  2. Using the miniature campus map, you can click on icons or buildings to jump to that location.
  3. To return to the large campus map of locations to explore, you can click on 'Explore' to see the Corvallis campus.
  4. Using the location index, you can click on the name of a location to view.
  5. While in the tour mode, using the next and previous buttons you can advance along the tour route.

How were these photos taken?

Photography was taken using a Kaidan panoramic 'fish-eye' mirror that simultaneously took a picture in 360 degrees horizontally. This photography was then "unwarped" and processed through a FlashVR viewer for your online viewing convenience.

How can I give feedback about OSU 360 or suggest a new location?


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