Memorial Union


Welcome to OSU 360! This project is a collaborative and evolving tool to help web browsers to see and experience OSU. Several departments were involved with the development and implementation of this project. A Special Thanks goes to: Scott Waggoner, master’s candidate Department of Geosciences, University Housing and Dining Services- MACD unit, Central Web Services, Web Communications and Admissions- Campus Visit Programs.

There are two ways to experience OSU 360:

Tours: Allow you to a virtual guided tour which will lead you through a set route of points of interest.

Explore: Allows you to click on buildings and icons on the campus map and explore by choice.

Within these modes there are several ways to navigate:

  1. Using the orange highlighted boxes in the image, you can click to go in a desired direction.
  2. Using the miniature campus map, you can click on icons or buildings to jump to that location.
  3. Using the location index, you can click on the name of a location to view.
  4. While on a tour, using the next and previous buttons advances you along the tour route.
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