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Pan & Zoom

Pan and Zoom ControlUse these buttons to "Pan" the map towards the North, South, East, or West. Clicking in the center will reset the map back to its original location. The Zoom slider will allow you to zoom in or out of the map, increasing or decreasing the amount of information.

Map Types

Map Type Selector


Search InputThe Campus Map can be searched by entering some information about what you would like to find. Terms such as "Dixon", "Library", "Hall", etc. will return useful results. Each additional word specified refines the search, thus "Peavy Hall" will return fewer items than simply "Hall".

The most often used features of the map are displayed at the top. Clicking on a link will load the maps, routes, or locations associated with each quick link.

Quick Links Menu Bar


Side Bar Menu

Selected Items

Displays the current list of selected Maps, Routes, and Locations. Items such as the "Buildings" layer, Bus Routes, and individual locations appear in this list. To remove an item from being displayed on the map, simply click the red X to the right the item.

Known Issues

Below are the known issues with the current map, and the reasons for them.  Please send us a comment if you find additional ones.

Missing or Inaccurate Streets

The streets data and images on the maps are provided by third parties through the Google Maps API, and they are not completely up to date or accurate.

The following streets might not appear on the map:

Below are streets that are inaccurate:

Building Outlines and Satellite Photos Misalign

The outlines of the campus buildings are drawn from data based on the bases of the buildings.  Since the satellite photographs are taken from above and at an angle, the result is that the outlines do not match the buildings in the photographs.

Map Colors and Legend Colors Mismatch

The outlines on the map are drawn with translucent colors.  This allows overlapping outlines and label text to be visible when there are multiple maps selected.  However, it also has the side effect of varying the colors of the outlines on everything "below" it.  As a result, the colors in the legend do not perfectly match those on the map.