About This Map


The Campus Map is a tool intended to give an interactive map of the Oregon State University campus. The first version of the OSU Campus Map was created by Ron Stillinger in 1995 when the Internet was very young. After a few years passed, the task of upgrading the online Campus Map was given to the Computer Science department as a CS 461/462 Senior Project design. In June 11, 2003 the completed project was presented to Central Web Services. In 2003 and 2004 Central Web Services updated the buildings and information displayed in the map as well as the accuracy of the data and the zoom levels provided.

In Spring 2008, 13 years after the OSU Campus Map was first made public, a complete new redesign and overhaul took place to help the OSU Campus Map take advantage of the new web technologies available. In July 2007, Central Web Services started researching and exploring new technologies to better serve the increasing technology needs of OSU students, staff and faculty. After some thought and consideration, Central Web Services decided to use the Google Maps API and a more responsive ajax-based user interface for the redesign of the OSU Campus Map. Central Web Services is committed to supporting users with accessibility needs and for them a limited non-javascript user interface is provided.


Some of the cutting edge features provided by the new OSU Campus Map are instant dragging, zooming and panning, searching of buildings, and having more than one building highlighted in the map. The new campus map includes revised information and pictures for many buildings throughout OSU. The new back end system allows buildings and routes to be updated instantly, and keeps the information provided up to date.


The redesign of the OSU Campus Map and implementation of new features couldn't have been possible without the help of: