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Be orange

OSU Orange
RGB 195-69-0

Orange is Oregon State University's official color. Your website should wear it with pride. The hex value for our official orange on screen is #c34500. It should be the dominant identity color on our websites, anchored by the tag in the upper left hand corner. The Oregon State logo online is set in white against an orange background.

Orange can also be used as an accent or highlight color on all pages. It is also applied to H1 & H2 headers and hyperlinks in body text. A seperate color palette is available for print projects.

Supporting Colors
RGB 157-96-30
RGB 97-80-66
RGB 56-94-134
RGB 167-196-201
RGB 86-31-75
RGB 175-41-46
RGB 78-115-0
RGB 243-208-142
RGB 245-242-237
RGB 55-55-55

Supporting colors

The color palette includes a set supporting colors for use as accents or highlights. They can be applied to navigation links, rules and lines, table headings or as a background color for a small block (background for headers). Support colors, like most fun things in life, work best when used in moderation. Using orange with one or two support colors should be more than enough.

We also love black, our other school color. But the top bar of the Oregon State Web banner is not full black; it is a dark gray, chosen because it appears softer on most monitors.

Don't change or tint the colors. It may be tempting to use pastel versions of these colors as backgrounds, but if you lighten or darken them, you're actually creating a new color. And you run the accessibility risk of not having enough contrast between text and background. So, for backgrounds, use a warm gray (#f5f2ed).


Combining subtle textures with light warm grey works too; subtlepatterns.com is a great resource for free patterns. Just make sure the pattern is not too distracting: content is what really matters, and the design should make the reading or viewing experience seamless for the user.