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The Tag

brochure using the tag

As part of our design templates, the tag is a contemporary graphic element to tie all print pieces together and clearly identify them as Oregon State.

The corner page curl and wrap-around are meant to graphically portray a real, tactile object. Flagging materials with this graphic conveys a message that the content that follows is something important and to be remembered.

Print pieces and PowerPoint presentations use the horizontal version of the tag. The vertical version is used for websites and can also be used for banners.

As shown in the examples below, all templates for print pieces, websites and PowerPoint slides include the correct location and size of the tag. This maintains visual consistency for the tag and ensures the logo is easy to read. Do not move, resize, recreate or change the tag in any way. The Tag is available for download.

Hanging tag at the top left of a website

how to use the tag

Examples how to use the tag

how to use the tag