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photography examples

When you need original photos, we recommend using a professional photographer whenever possible, and make sure they're familiar with the Oregon State photo style. Contact University Marketing for a list of photographers. In addition, an online photo gallery is available for individual colleges and departments to use.

Contracts and Model Releases

When University Marketing hires a freelance photographer they are required to sign a contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. We suggest anyone who works with freelance employees, of any kind, to do the same. Please contact Procurement and Contracts Services for help in working with contracts.

We also require that a model release form be signed whenever we are photographing a specific person. As a general guide, if you are taking a picture of a single person or a small group and they are the main focus of your shot, have them complete and sign a model release form. Whenever possible, inform groups of people gathered for workshops or events ahead of time when photography will be taken. Post a sign at the entrance that states, "Photos will be taken at this event and potentially used in Oregon State University promotional materials. By attending this event, you consent to have your photo taken and allow Oregon State University to use these photographs. If you wish to not have your image taken, please let the organizers know." Always bring model releases (the long form for large groups) to pass around as well.

For your convenience, we have provided a pdf of the release form to download as well as a long form for use when photographing large groups.